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Camping this winter?

Camping this winter?
While the vast majority of tourists who go to the mountain in winter are looking for hotels or cottages with a lot of heat, some mountain lovers have chosen to spend their holidays in the middle of nature, going camping.

Planning the trip with the tent in winter

Preparations are important. And if you do not take into account all the planning stages, you risk transforming a unique experience in nature into a nightmare. That’s why apart from varied products, you can also find a wide range of camping equipment.

Here are three steps that you need to keep in mind when planning a trip with the tent:

Step 1. Choose what you want to do on the trip

Step 2. Look for the perfect route! Especially if the weather makes it harder for you. It is good to be prepared and know exactly where you are going.

Step 3. Set the home menu. The weather may be harsh, but you can enjoy beautiful white shades with warm tea. All you have to do is prepare everything from home to make it easier for you to camp.

When it comes to the camping gear, going on a trip with the tent it can be divided into several categories and can be as complex as you want. The difference is that if you want to go with the backpack on the mountain, it is preferable to keep only the absolute things essential.

Here are some tips you will most certainly need when preparing for a night in the tent in the middle of winter. After choosing the camping equipment and camping supplies for winter, here’s what we advise you to resist a cold night.

Warm-up before going into a sleeping bag. Do exercise exercises so your body emits warmth. The sleeping bag is warming up from your body temperature. If it is a good one, it keeps the temperature as long as possible.


 The Ultra Lite 150 offers a bit more comfort than the Ultra Lite 100. Subsequently, this mummy-shaped sleeping bag has a little more insulation which increases the chances of a good night’s sleep.

From the tent door, he removes any trace of snow. The boots clean the snow well and put them in the compression bag of the sleeping bag and keep them inside so as not to freeze during the night. Choose the most suitable clothes for sleeping in the bag. The more layers you have, the warmer it will be. Attention, however, too much clothing compresses the air inside and the efficiency of the sleeping bag is significantly reduced.


 The Oak Canyon 4 is a comfortable and spacious family tent with an innovative hybrid pole design that offers strength and reliability while keeping the pack size and weight low.


Crafted from a polycotton blend, these men’s long johns are both durable and warm. They’re lightly brushed l to ensure maximum comfort and a light 220gsm weight provides a product you can move freely in.  Help fight off the cold during the winter with help from Regatta.


 Made of warm yet lightweight Symmetry fleece fabric (170 gsm) fleece with a brushed inner for added softness and anti-pill finish for lasting ‘newness’. The stand collar warms the neck while the quarter zip provides venting options. With the Regatta embroidery on the chest.

You have to replace the clothing and especially the wet socks with some dry ones. Wet clothes can be kept nearby, so they can dry out during the night. Also, find a place to deposit the food and water in the sleeping bag, do not leave them out, they will freeze.

Try to sleep with your face outside the sleeping bag, this reduces the moisture inside, and if it is a sleeping bag with a puff, things will not stay well. Don’t forget about camping products like a cap and scarf to enhance thermal comfort they will help you to get warm. If you wake up several times during the night, it’s good to change your position whenever you have the opportunity to generate more heat.


The Regatta Men's Thinsulate Beanie Hat is a classically styled turn up acrylic knit beanie hat lined with warmth-retaining Thinsulate material.


The Arctic Yowie takes the best selling Yowie and adds a fleece layer for extra warmth.

It is not easy at all to go camping in winter! But with our advice and an entire category of camping equipment you are ready to begin your next adventure!


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