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About Outdoor Camping Direct: What Camping Equipment do we offer?

Essential to a good trip is having the right camping equipment

All the essentials for outdoor adventures are right here at Outdoor Camping Direct. If you need camping equipment such as bedding, tents, cooking stoves and lighting, we’re on hand to guide you and help find the right equipment for every memorable outdoor adventure.

Every amazing outdoor trip needs outstanding camping gear and at Outdoor Camping Direct, we’re proud of our flexible and passionate approach to providing customers with all their outdoor camping needs.

Sourced from the best outdoor equipment suppliers, Outdoor Camping Direct takes great pride in giving our customers the best quality for the best price. Tick off that camping checklist with products that are made to the highest quality assurance and safety standards with some of the most famous and well established outdoor equipment manufacturers in the world.


What camping equipment do we offer?

We stock an unrivalled selection of quality hiking equipment and gear to bring your dream trip to life. There’s no need to settle for the cheapest and lowest quality products when you have a whole host of exceptional outdoor equipment.

A real must for any great trip, a high-quality tent will make all the difference. Outdoor Camping Direct are ready to assist in deciding on the best kind of tent for your trip. Whether you need a quick, hassle-free pop-up tent for a festival or something bigger and better equipped for family getaways, there’s a tent for any occasion and weather conditions.

Keeping energy levels up when on an outdoor trip is a basic essential. If you are halfway up a mountain or just setting up camp just down the road from your house, inevitably you will want to cook. Cooking on an open fire is all part of the charm after all.

In stock, we have everything you need to create a memorable and tasty meal in the great outdoors. From the humble bottle opener, cooking spatula and tongs to durable vacuum flasks and induction hobs, Outdoor Camping Direct equip and enable customers with resilient camping gear.

The ability to pack and store all your belongings is something we struggle with on any type of holiday. Outdoor trips are no different. You need to consider the weather and if your things will get wet or what you need to keep cool in warmer camping environments. Make sure to look at the various holdall’s, rucksacks and backpacks that deliver comfort and stability for those long hiking trips and at the same time giving easy, flexible space for those trips spent camping in a nature park.

Need a place to keep stuff dry? Check out our dry bags. Or what if you need to ensure you stay hydrated along your walk? Flexible and durable hydration packs from Outdoor Camping Direct will keep you fit and healthy.


Our Values

To us, it’s more than just camping equipment. It’s memories, it’s spending time with family and friends, it’s appreciating the wider world and the great times to be had in the great outdoors.

We’re passionate about the great outdoors and want to share that passion with you, our customers. Whether you’ve never been camping before and just want to find yourself a quality tent and a great backpack to try out, we can help or a veteran camper and outdoor explorer needs to replace a battered and broken BBQ, we can help with that too.

Exploring the great outdoors is a great way to relax, unwind and get away from the stresses of day-to-day life. It can be hard to remove ourselves from busy lives; outside our offices, homes and electronic devices.

We easily forget how much quality outdoor space is around us but the gentle cracking of a warm fire under the night sky, sharing good times with friends and family, staring out across beautiful open countryside can quickly restore our sense of well-being and purpose.

That is why we are strong advocates of giving customers the very best price on top quality products, to encourage exploration wherever you intend to go.  We work closely with all leading outdoor camping equipment brands such as Active Living, Wayfayrer, Yellowstone Outdoor Camping and Regatta to give customers the latest, greatest and outstanding camping products.

Great prices, outstanding customer service, brands you can trust and a genuine passion for outdoor activities make Outdoor Camping Direct one of the UK’s leading camping retailers.