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Welcome to Outdoor Camping Direct, UK's #1 Outdoor & Camping Online Store

Camping requires a lot of work, patience and perseverance. If this is the first time you plan a trip, on our website you will find all the information you need to have a pleasant and comfortable experience. Camping preparation may not be very comfortable, especially if you have only a few days before you start your journey. However, with the products we provide at your site, you are closer to a relaxing and successful exit. Before you pack the necessary items, make sure you have everything you need so you know what you have to do once you reach your destination. If you do not know how to stretch a tent, do a few exercises at home.

Thus, you will not feel helpless when you have to prepare your shelter. If you do not know where to find potable water, if you finish your supplies, please inform yourself about the tools that can be used for water purification, especially when the temperatures are low. However unimportant it may seem, it can save your life in an emergency. More importantly, remember your basic necessities: food, water and warm clothing. Leave home any thing that may needlessly load your backpack and make sure you take with you all the accessories you really need (cape, flashlight / front etc.). What do we need when we go camping? In addition to the normal mountain-walking equipment (boots, backpack, etc.), several tents of essential equipment are added to the trips made with the tent: tent, sleeping bag and isoprene. These are the three main elements needed to sleep in nature. I would add, of course, ... much desire, openness. Ah, and a garbage bag because we want to take care of the nature that in turn she takes care of us. All these new accessories we recommend you in a wide range on our site, from the best quality materials that will help you feel comfortable and enjoy camping.

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