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Best outdoor furniture ideas

Best outdoor furniture ideas

Want to give your garden or patio a makeover?

Here’s one of the simplest, most effective ideas: try new outdoor furniture!

With just a few gorgeous pieces, you can completely refresh your garden and add a touch of welcome luxury to wow your guests.

But choosing from the huge range of outdoor furniture on the market can be incredibly difficult. Especially if you don’t actually know what you’re looking to achieve.

So, our experts have put together these five simple garden furniture ideas to help you get started!

Install a hammock for cosy afternoon naps

A hammock is a wonderful addition to any garden. Just imagine lying back in your own hammock on a quiet summer afternoon, whether you’re reading a book, watching birds feed, or just enjoying a nap.

Hammocks are easy to set up and durable enough to support most users. They also make a unique garden feature at an affordable price — take a look at the colourful Milestone Single Rainbow Outdoor Camping Hammock, for instance.

Take it easy in luxurious recliner chairs

What’s better than sitting in a comfortable chair and reading your favourite book or magazine on a relaxing day off?

Reclining in a comfortable chair, that’s what!

The Domestic Black Lounge Firenze Chair is just one terrific example of reclining garden furniture..

A recliner with multiple backrest positions makes it easy to find the right level of recline for your maximum satisfaction.

Add one or two parasols to stay comfortable and safe in the sun

Love to sit in your garden and bask in the sun’s glow?

It’s crucial that you take precautions to protect yourself: wear factor 50+ sunblock, and limit the amount of time you spend in direct sunlight.

And installing a large parasol means you can stay in your garden for longer whilst taking these measures.

For example, the Gardenkraft 2.7M Parasol Crank & Tilt is a great option. 

Experiment with lights to create an irresistible ambience

The right lighting can transform your garden into a cosy space for a spot of star gazing or a soothing nightcap before bed. A set of string lights over your seating area or around a pond can work wonders.

Keep it colorful but subtle: too much lighting will create an overwhelming glare. Start with just a few, then add more until you get it just right.

Invest in a pizza oven for al fresco dining

A pizza oven is one of the most exciting garden furniture ideas: create and devour your own home-made pizzas, in beautiful weather, whenever you like!

No more running into and out of the kitchen to check on them. No more paying high rates for pizza delivery when you want a fast solution.

Pizza ovens are an easy way to prepare delicious fresh food, quickly and easily, in your own garden.

Want more amazing outdoor furniture ideas?

Take a look at our complete collection of outdoor equipment, including everything from furniture and lighting to heating!


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