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Gazebos & Shelters

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         Gazebos and Shelters Guide


Choosing the right gazebo and shelter can be a tricky decision. With so many options and prices you can be left confused so we have some tips to make your work easier.

Types of shelters:

Whatever the activity you have in the open air an outdoor gazebo is what you need to keep away from the sun or a quiet rain.

These are of four types:

  • Tailgating-style Tents - they can be used above a table or even at the beach, they are very tall so it’s easy to move around in and out of it.
  • More Packable Tailgating-style Tents - they are generally used when you have a car. The poles tend to be closer in style to a tent pole and usually won’t cover an entire picnic table.
  •  Screen Rooms are Tailgating-Style Tents - they are larger than the others and help keep the insects away.
  •  Pop Up Gazebo - is a foldable, compact and portable camping shelter. These are very easy to use and there is a wide variety of colors and sizes.

When do you use a shelter:

  • Backpacking - when you want to go on a hike and make a break or even sleep overnight, a portable gazebo is very useful to shelter you from bad weather or insects.
  • Family and car camping - here you can use the big gazebo to create different areas for different activities eg a dining place or a place to cook.
  • Travel - If you’re traveling and just want to shelter from the insects once you take a brake for sleeping or food.

What do you need to consider when buying?

Weight - if you want to go on a hike, you have to head towards a light gazebo to fit in a backpack

Seasons - Not all shelters are designed for all seasons, so you should be interested in the time you want to use the shelter

Whether you’re in your backyard sleeping on a hammock or in the middle of the forest hunkering down for the night, a Mosquito Shelter can seem like a miracle. We hope to help you discover what gazebo is right for your activities.



Gazebos & Shelters
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