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Sleeping Mats

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How to choose a sleeping mat

Sleeping pad has two very important roles. The first role is that it offers a quiet and comfortable sleep in nature, and the second role is that it keeps the heat throughout the night.

Choosing a sleeping pad can be quite difficult, so we come up with some features to help.

There are three basic types of sleeping pads:

Air sleeping pad

Airbags have become the most useful when it comes to camping with the backpack because of the very low weight. Not only  they isolate the heat very well but are also very easy to assemble, they normally swell with breathing, but some models also have an air pump.

Features Pro:  Air pads are incredibly comfortable and lightweight and the most compact type of pad when packed. Most are designed for backpacking or camping in warm conditions while others are designed with additional insulation for four-season use. 

Features Contra: Sleeping pads with air as a price are more expensive than normal ones. As a degree of resistance, they are quite sensitive and can be deteriorate quite quickly.

Some air pads make a loud crinkly sound when you move around, which can be annoying to yourself or tent mates.

Self inflating camping mat

Self-inflating pads offer a combination of open-cell foam insulation and air.They are easy to assemble, they have a valve that must be opened and the air automatically inflates the pad. There are some made to be folded so it can be carried with your backpack or are the special camping models.

Features Pro: They are made of a tougher material and are more durable. They are very comfortable and compact, and you can adjust your firmness through the air inside the mattress.

Features Contra: They are much heavier in weight and also more expensive than those with air pads. They are sensitive and can be damaged quite quickly

Closed-cell sleeping mat

These basic backpacking pads are made of dense foam filled with tiny closed air cells.

Features Pro: Of the three types of sleeping pads, these are the cheapest and most durable. They also have a very good insulation.

Features Contra: They are not very comfortable and are very bulky and rigid.

When choosing a new sleeping pad, it’s helpful to keep the following considerations in mind:

Intended use : You have to decide what is your activity, for exemple: backpacking, car camping, winter camping, etc.

Features: Depending on what is your priority : weight, insulation, size, etc.

With all these aspects, it is the best to try your sleepeing pad before buying it. You can see one in a profile store where you can sit and test to see what is the best camping mattress so you'll be sure to make it an excellent choice.