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Kids Sleeping Bags

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Kids Sleeping Bags Guide

Because the season when the tent will be getting closer and more, and as camping or outdoors is one of the main attractions, we decided today to discuss how to choose a sleeping bag suitable for camping.

Sleeping bags are indispensable when you want to camp outdoors. It is very important that these products are made of technical materials that give the user optimal comfort. It is necessary to know aspects such as the technology behind a sleeping bag, the advantages and disadvantages of a certain brand, and the season in which it can be used.

Each of us likes to have comfort and warmth in the campsite so that in the following we will find out on the basis of which criteria we can make the right choice.
The temperature that identifies the performance of a sleeping bag according to actual degrees outside. In principle, if the air temperature reaches -10 degrees Celsius then from this point of view the sleeping bag should resist. This temperature also implies that the person in question wears body clothing and uses an isoprene under the sleeping bag.

Clothing. It matters a lot with what you wear inside the sleeping bag. A body clothing that covers and clean socks helps / isolates you as well as the hygiene of the sleeping bag. For cooler nights than you expected, a fleece jacket and trousers, I can help.

Hood. A hooded sleeping bag is very effective, and can be worn down in the nights with a few degrees in the bottom.

Hydration. The concept is simple. If you hydrate, the body keeps the heat, so choose to consume a warm drink before bedtime.

The first step in choosing a sleeping bag for youre child is to determine in which season you will use it and where. We can choose a sleeping bag according to the season after we find out which are the categories of sleeping bags:
Summer sleeping bag: it is useful, it weighs a bit, it is easy to maintain and carry. And if autumn seems too cold to go out with the tent, a sleeping bag of summer is what you are looking for!

3-seater sleeping bag: perfect for hiking, trekking, camping with friends or family. It features very good thermal insulation, made of durable synthetic materials.
Winter sleeping bag: It is the type of sleeping bag made to meet the desires of a backpacker backpack because it is very easy and versatile, but does not make concessions on the temperature elevated just because it has a small weight.

Sleeper Sleeping Bag: Offers a surprisingly good quality / functionality / surprisingly good price. Offers comfort and extraordinary thermal insulation. Before buying a sleeping bag it is good to know that its role is to keep the heat produced by our body.

Choose the optimum sleeping bag temperature

The temperature indications mentioned by the producer and to be taken into account are delimited as follows: Comfort temperature: This is the temperature at which the person feels comfortable and can sleep a whole night without being hot or cold.

Extreme temperature: if the temperature drops, the sleeping bag can not protect us and thus put our life at risk. We can not resist an entire night.
Maximum temperature or upper limit: is the one you can sleep without overheating very hard.

Choose the sleeping bag stuffing

This is very important when you think about space and weight. The filling can be: - natural (gouache) has a small weight, occupies a little space being very compressible and heats up faster. - the synthetic heats up a little harder, it is resistant to wear, it dries and is easy to maintain. Choose the shape of the sleeping bag

Depending on the shape, the bag is warmer or less warm and you always need one of the two types of bags:

  1. Mummy-shaped sleeping bag, provides better thermal insulation, narrow leg area and broader shoulder area and hood. Due to their shape they are lighter and more efficient in keeping the heat.
  2. Sleeping bag in rectangular shape, provides more space and can be used even as a duvet. They have a bigger weight and occupy more space, but they are highly recommended for the summer season where the body heat does not have to accumulate 100%. Sleeping bag accessories

They are designed to streamline the heat delivered by your body and at the same time adjust the interior thermal comfort.

Stitches, especially for sleeping bags of 3-4 seasons, should be hot. This means that the outer material is sewn separately from the inner material, which does not allow cold air to easily penetrate inside the stitch area.