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Clamp Lights

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Clamp lights

The flashlight is an indispensable object that must be in any home, car, toolbox, boat, or backpack. Even though we do not intend to travel at night, we never know what unexpected situations we will end up with.

Whether you’re one of those brave souls who hits the great outdoors in the winter months, when the daylight hours are considerably shorter, or you just have a propensity for going walkabout in the evening, a camping torch is a good friend to have. Whether you’re keeping watch for potholes or puddles along the road, wildlife (or deceptively quiet streams) in the countryside, or, if you’re being honest, it’s just for getting you safely back from the pub after hours, it’s an essential ally. But which one is right for you?

Due to the emergence and development of LED technology, they offer a much longer operating life (more than 100 hours) than traditional incandescent light bulbs, simple or xenon, but also a much more white and more uniform light.

It also takes with you a set of spare batteries, especially if you are going to travel in areas with low temperatures or high humidity.

Some front flashlights offer the user the option of simply carrying a light source, linking the battery case to a thread, which can be worn in the backpack or jacket. The advantage of this system is that it reduces the weight we wear on the head, but the batteries are in a warmer environment than the outdoor environment where we can consider it raining, snowing and / or very cold.

For those who are amateur for fishing, hunting or star observations, some flashlights have the option to apply red filters to keep our night vision.

So if you want to buy a flashlight that gives you light for many nights in a row without worrying about consuming batteries quickly, rely on a front LED flashlight, they are small, light, have a strong light and are very effective.

Useful: turn a small flashlight into a front flashlight

If your keychain torch has a detachable metal clip to catch it on the edge of your pocket, then it reverses its grip, so you can mount it on the top of your seam, leaving both hands free for the various activities you have to do darkness.
The light source is something that you need to consider when going to the mountains, especially if you are sleeping in mountain areas. If you go camping, this
place is generally equipped with lighting poles. However, it does not hurt to buy a light source for any eventuality. In this case, we advise you to choose practical and efficient flashlights and front.