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Never be in the dark during your outdoor activity with camping lights

What is lighting used for on campsites?

Not every camper is adept at creating big campfires to light up their pitch at night. Moreover, it’s not always a safe method of outdoor lighting, particularly if children or pets are along. Camping lights are the solution that allow campers to light both their pitch and their tents effectively.

Lighting your environment

When night arrives, outdoor lighting is very important in being able to navigate your environment. You will be moving around unfamiliar territory, so lighting your area and tent aptly will keep you safe and aid your movements.

The best way to light your environment is using ambient camping lights such as electric lanterns and lamps that are powerful and rechargeable. These outdoor lighting solutions can be sat down, hung up and repositioned easily for maximum effect.

Lighting for a task

Whether you’re reading in your tent or cooking and cleaning outside, good outdoor lighting will help accomplish tasks efficiently. Ambient lighting can be sufficient in many cases, but lighting with direct beams such as torches are better for more hazardous tasks. Headtorches, in particular, work well as they free up your hands to complete your aims.

What are the types of camping lights?

Outdoor lighting is created to be convenient and portable. There are different types of lighting that can be stored among equipment, set up quickly and provide adequate illumination.


If you’re looking for camping lights that are capable of lighting your entire tent or large areas, then go for lanterns. Lanterns, like typical ceiling lights, provide a 360-degree array of powerful light. But, instead of being stationed in a single position, they boast hooks and handles allowing them to be carried effortlessly anywhere. In previous times, gas lanterns, with their bright, natural light, were the most commonly used. Now, electric, wind-up and LED models offer a safer, cheaper alternative for modern campers.

Tent Lights

These lighting fixtures are a lot like awning lights. They are smaller, more specialised camping lights that can be placed anywhere within the tent. These lights are a lot more portable and packable than most other types of light, but they don’t offer much illumination. Consequently, you’d need to buy a few of them to adequately light a tent – even a relatively small one.


Everybody owns at least one torch. They’re handy in so many instances, so why would a camping trip be any different. One of the greatest feature of modern torches is how they’re built to last. Not only are they portable and lightweight, but many models are also very durable and water-resistant. No light supply comes close to the torch when it comes to focussed lighting.

Head torches

The usability of the headtorch is what sets it apart from the rest of the torch types. Because it is attached to, and directed by, head movements, it frees up your hands to complete tasks.

They are attached using an comfortable headband that can be adjusted to fit any head. And some models even allow the user to control the beam spread to either a focused or wider beam.

What are the types of bulb used in camping lights?

If you’re trying to get serious about your outdoor recreation, then recognise that outdoor lighting extends beyond just lighting types. The type of bulb used in the light source is what matters most. Each bulb performs differently, and this performance can even be effected by different conditions.

Incandescent bulb

The incandescent bulb is still one of the most commonly used, despite being around for years. Its features make them an productive lighting option. Incandescent bulbs reach peak brightness almost instantly, produce a softer light than other bulbs and can last, on average, for a year. However, this type of bulb uses a heated filament meaning there is the potential to start a fire, if it breaks or malfunctions.

LED bulb

LED or Light Emitting Diodes are an extremely safe form of outdoor lighting. They don’t produce a large amount of heat, meaning they are less likely to overheat and require low energy. Significantly, LEDs are robust making them ideal for lighting sources that will be used during activity.

Fluorescent bulb

Another rugged type of bulb is the fluorescent bulb. Fluorescent bulbs last up to 20 times longer, and use one third as much electricity, as incandescent bulbs do. But, many fluorescent bulbs are large, leading to larger camping lights. This may become problematic if space among your camping gear is at a premium.

Halogen bulb

This bulb is extremely powerful. Consequently, you will get a bright light but it will also generate a lot of heat. Like incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, this is a gaseous bulb that interacts with a filament to produce light.

Xenon bulb

If you want a more efficient, powerful version of the halogen bulb, then the xenon bulb is just that. Whereas the previously bulbs produce similar hued lights, the presence of xenon causes a bluer light to be emitted.

How are camping lights powered?

Modern outdoor lighting no longer relies on fuel and fire to function. Now, there are safer, eco-friendly methods of producing similar excellent results as the lighting sources of old.


One of the most practical power sources due to its convenience. Several types of battery are used for camping lights. Alkaline batteries are used because they are cheap and accessible. Lithium batteries offer similar performances to alkaline, but they are lighter making them suitable for outdoor excursions. Then there are the rechargeable choices of nickel-cadmium (NiCad) and nickel metal hydride (NiMH) which are more cost-effective. With rechargeable batteries, they are able to hold a charge for a long time, so you save on buying new ones.


Diodes is a semiconductor device that forms the nucleus of LEDs. Utilising the movement of electrons, a diode converts electric current into a light source. Diodes boast a plethora of useful characteristics that include energy efficiency, compactness, durability and long-lasting lifespan.

Wind-up Energy

Crank-driven energy is growing ever more popular because it isn’t powered by battery or fuel. This makes it safe and reliable – all you have to do is crank the handle to recharge. These manually-generated models are especially useful in extreme emergencies, providing light in all conditions at any time.

Solar power

Like wind-up energy, solar power is natural power source – except it’s not one that we can control. Solar power uses the sun to generate power. This can prove an issue on less sunny days, fortunately, most solar powered products offer backup power sources. When those gloomy mornings come around, you can often switch to an electric power source.

What should you consider when buying camping lights?

Buying camping lights isn’t just about rocking up and buying the first torch you see. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, there are some factors you may want to consider.


Different outdoor lighting work well in specific circumstances. For example, lamps and lanterns can illuminate larger areas than torches or spotlights can. Consider the circumstances that will require lighting before you make any kind of purchase.

Number of lights needed

The likelihood that you will need more than one light source during your camping is high. Two camping lights that are a must will be a handheld torch-type light and an ambient lantern. This will at least provide some light for small and larger areas. Amend where necessary by buying more lights and positioning them where needed.


Remember that you are camping, so you will be carrying a lot of gear. You camping lights musn’t become invasive. If they are to awkward or heavy to carry, or take up too much room in your setup, then try alternatives. There are many outdoor lighting solutions to choose from in any event.


How resistive your lighting is to the elements is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you plan on attending a very active outing in rough terrain, you need to consider rugged outdoor lighting. Nowadays, most light sources are built using strong materials such as aluminium, rubber and plastic. They are manufactured with durability, weight and usability in mind. This makes these light sources capable of withstanding breakage and weather damage in tough climates.

Our range

No matter the outdoor activity, you can be sure that Outdoor Camping Direct stocks the most capable lighting to suit.


Feel safe and comfortable in the dark during your camping trip with our affordable outdoor lanterns. Enjoy bright nights wherever you go.


Yellowstone, Regatta or Summit – all the top brands manufacturing the most industrious and resistant torches money can buy. And we stock them all here.

Solar Lighting

Feel reassured knowing that there is always a power source that you can access when you buy in our solar lighting range.


The convenience and simplicity of headtorches makes them an attractive companion on any activity. Buy one today and free up your hands to enjoy all you had planned to the fullest.

Hanging Lamps

These amazing space-savers provide a great spread of light anywhere without becoming an obstacle. Our hanging lamps are the cheapest on the market.

Clamp Lights

Looking for camping lights that are portable and easy to position? Then you can’t go wrong with a set of nifty clamp lights. 

Where to get camping lights?

Outdoor Camping Direct is your one stop shop for all your camping needs. We have a range of camping lights from camping lanterns to head torches and many more. Happy shopping and happy camping.