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Family Tents

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Best Family Tents Guide

If you’re heading out on your own for a camping trip a compact tent could be just what you need. If there’s more than one of you, however, you’ll probably soon find it a bit cramped and realize that it’s not the solution for the best family tent.

We will show you some features of family tents so you can make an idea and choose something suitable for the whole family.

 For family camping, the size of the tent is very important. Weather is not always with us, so if outside is not optimal for a campfire, we have to consider the space available to carry out certain activities inside the tent with all family members when the weather is bad.

The weight of the tent is a fairly important factor. Usually, the heaviest ones are even more robust and tend to last longer on climate change.


Most camping tents, have a sleeping room plus a vestibule. Depending on the needs, they differ in size, the large tent can usually have a vestibule with rooms positioned on its edge. If there are two people in a 6 person tent, you can share the rooms according to activities and for storage of camping supplies.


Your tent is the only shelter you have, and it’s worth paying a bit more to get one that can stand up to the weather. You’ll also save money in the long run because it will last longer.Like any other tools, you need to decide what you need before you start making purchases. Consider what kind of excursions you intend to do, what you want to do inside your tent and where you will establish and use it.

Types of family tents

For families of 10  

Tents of 10 people normally have 2 rooms to ensure your privacy especially if there are two families that are planning to camping.Everything depends on the model you choose and the size of each, all you have to do is look for the right tent for your trip.

For families of 8

If you have a larger family of 8, finding the right tent is definitely not an easy task. First you have to keep in mind how much space you need for each and the number of rooms. We advise you to always choose a tent with two places in addition to the number of people you are.

For families of 6

Camping in 6 people is easier to plan, 6-seat tents are much lighter than 8 or 10, and if you are a family of 4, the 6 tent is ideal, with a room available for camping equipment.

Camping in the family is not hard to plan. With our advice, now you need to keep in mind the needs of each family member and depending on this, choose the perfect equipment and tent for you.