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Dome Tents

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Dome Tents Guide

Portable, comfortable, and simple, a dome tent is a great way of camping in style. Our dome tents are excellent for beaches, fishing and festivals and should be included on your list of essential camping supplies. These dome tents are a great solution for outdoor activities that require moderate protection from the elements. They are lightweight and simple to pitch.

And it’s extremely important to make sure that you do know how to set up one before you end up in the middle of woods having to set up camp. Fortunately, there are very easy to put together.

The perfect spot. It doesn’t matter if you are in the backyard or the backcountry, you will need to find a space to provide the most comfortable camping experience ever.

The flat spot. Once decided on the campsite, it’s time to move on to the place you are going to set up the tent. Your main factor when picking out this should be comfort, of course. The ideal choice should be flat and preferably to have many bushes around. If there is higher ground on the site, the better. Should there be rain, you will want to avoid lower points.

Sun and shade. You will not want to wake up in sun and heat. So the tent should be placed in shade throughout the morning. And despite the fact that the dome tent does provide protection from wind, it may be a good idea to find as much of a wind break, as possible. It’s highly recommended not to camp under trees. The rain or difficult weather may cause lightening or falling branches so you can see why it wouldn’t be a good idea to use trees as cover

Stay away from fire. The best placement for your dome tent would be upwind from fire areas or other pits in the campsite. Also, keeping a safe distance from sparks is also recommended.

Cleaning up. Once you have decided on the ideal spot, a little bit of cleaning around would make a world of a difference. Spend some time clearing out significant rocks or branches to make your sleep more comfortable.

Setting up the dome

First things first and we strongly recommend a plastic or vinyl tar to lay down and act like a moisture barrier between the tent and the ground. After that, it would be useful to take out all of the parts of the tent and place them on the tarp. Dome tents do come in all shapes and sizes, but there are universal parts that each tent should have like: the tent itself, the rain fly, tent poles, stakes and bungee ropes.  Next thing is to connect the tent poles and insert the poles through the tent flaps. Insert the tips of each pole into the eyelets at the end of each corner and you will see how it’s starting to take shape and you can raise the tent. Stake the tent to the ground and connect the rain fly.

And that’s it! Now you can fully enjoy the perfect camping experience.

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