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3 - 4 Person Tents

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3 - 4 Person Tents

These tents can sleep up to four adult campers. They are also popular with groups of two or three people looking for a little extra space. Two skinned for extra protection, they weigh less than 5kg, and include pre-attached guy lines and an integral groundsheet. The 3-4 Person tents work beautifully for camping, fishing and festivals. Grab your team and get out there. Whether you are looking for large camping tents or just browsing for the moment trying to identify your needs and which one would suit you better, when choosing your tent, there are a couple of things to have in mind.

Firstly, there is the tent sleeping capacity. It should be a camping tent based on the number of people it’s going to accommodate. Fortunately, they already come in different sizes designed for 1, 2, 3 or more persons. When you come to the point of evaluating what are your needs, maybe taking into account the following will come in handy:

  • If the people prefer a wider fit to have more room
  • If they are claustrophobic
  • If they tend to toss and turn at night
  • If they are brining a small child or a do
  • Another criterion is tent seasonality:

3 – Season tents

It’s the most popular choice of camping equipment. They are lightweight and very appropriate for temperatures in spring, summer and fall. The best thing about them is that they have mesh panels for both air boosting, as well as for keeping out those unwanted insects. Their primary functions are to keep you dry in times of rain of light snow, provide shield from bugs and also, provide privacy.

3-4 Season tents

These types of tents are perfect for summer, but also early spring or late autumn, when you may be facing moderate snow. Their main purpose is to offer the ideal combination between ventilation, strength and the optimum level of warmth.

They are usually purchased by those taking trips to more exposed, high-elevation destinations, however do not provide enough protection for against a colder season and heavier snow, like in a full winter.

4 – Season tents

As you might imagine, these 4 – Season tents are made to stand up to heavy snow loads and very difficult weather, mainly during winter or above tree line.

The fabrics out of which they made of are thicker and have more poles. They have a rounded shape, much like a dome, so that it will not collect snow and they provide the perfect shelter.

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