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Fire starters

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Fire starters

The weather is more and more pleasant, the parks are full of flowers, and the sun drives us to stay as long as possible and enjoy it. In other words, it's picnic and outdoor fun!

And because we know that you also set out to spend more time in nature with the arrival of spring, we thought of coming up with some practical tips for a successful picnic.

Prepare your bag with picnic equipment

A spacious backpack is very useful when you go for a picnic with your family. He can have several functions, he can include the whole set of dishes and glasses for a pleasant experience or you can fill him with objects needed for this getaway. Regardless of how you choose to spend your picnic outing, whether it's a fancy one and complete with glass cutlery and glasses or a simple one with hot dogs and french fries, it must be made of durable and very hard-wearing material.

To enjoy your picnic day, it would be good to prepare a list of things to have at home whenever you go out to the table on the green grass. Here's what the complete kit for a successful picnic looks like:

  • A blanket (or more, because you never know how big the gang is formed); Depending on the weather, you should have a rug on hand to enjoy while eating. It may differ as a color depending on your preferences, but as a material it is good not to be too thin for a sporty comfort.
  • A picnic basket, where you can have more plates, cutlery, glasses (preferably single use);

  Tableware is very important when you go for a picnic and you want to serve people in a unique way. It varies depending on the design and you can surprise your loved ones with different bold colors or different shapes. Also, to keep the food warm and fresh you can choose any thermal dishes that will help you give your loved ones a fresh food with a unique flavor.

  • A foldable table, which will be very useful for storing food and preparing snacks;
  • Folding chairs, if there are people who do not want to sit on the blanket;
  • Wet wipes and paper towels;
  • A bag or refrigerator if you are carrying food kept cold;
  • A thermos, where to put tea or coffee;
  • A corkscrew;
  • A folding barbecue, where you will prepare the picnic table right there;
  • A set of barbecue accessories;
  • Fire starters

Special charcoal ignition pills.

Coal burns harder than paper or dry wood so you need a long-term source of fire. For this, some pills of flammable substances with complete combustion have been created that do not emit toxic gases.

Electric igniter.

The electric igniter is very effective and very fast when you have a power source at hand.

With the help of a propane burner.

Small propane bottles that you can use to ignite coal.

  • Garbage bags so you can leave your picnic space clean;
  • An umbrella, if you go to a place where the sun is high;
  • Board games, playing cards, ball or badminton set, because they always leave having fun and games at the end.