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Water Carriers

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Water Carriers

When you go to the tent, our generalized principle of "take it, to be there, you never know" does not work anymore, because if you go in the drums you would not want to carry all kinds of unnecessary things in the back. In addition, space in a tent is limited, and if you plan to stay two people and plan to take some more luggage, you may need to buy a tent for 3 people.

The first tent holiday is definitely an experience that fills you with emotions and questions of all kinds, but with a little attention, you can turn it into a dream vacation. Before taking the wonderful mountain paths or the beaches of the sea, make sure the luggage covers you with the necessary necessities and, if necessary, get you out of trouble. Do not hesitate to seek the opinions of those who have repeated the experience and to be well informed, well before you go on the road.

In order to prepare and serve the meal it is important to take into account the number of people present. You can find foldable silicone bowls, stainless steel cutlery, BPA-free plastic or even foldable ones. Most camping items are for easy storage and light weight.

We know that any activity that involves movement leads to the elimination of water from the body through perspiration.
What happens if water is lacking in the body?
it doesn't cool down anymore performance decreases because nutrients are lacking you become more agitated

Why can the tank be considered a necessity?
When you are on the mountain, every gram counts. Whether you are on a hike for a few days or a few hours, you should choose to transport the water as easily as possible. So you have to choose a lightweight container that does not take up much space and is easy to use.

You have a tank with different capacities, 1.5L, 2L or 3L. The volume is chosen based on the activity you are going to do: mountain biking, cycling, running or hiking.

Easy to carry in the backpack, being a very thin tank with a narrow profile that is kept after it is fed and thus occupies little space in the backpack.
It is easy to use, the hose is attached very simply, in a single movement.
Filling does not require effort, the lid of the tank is removed, it is easy and fast.