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Food Storage

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Food Storage

Every household should have in the kitchen and containers for storing cooked food, fruits, vegetables and dairy products. We tell you what to watch out for when buying food casseroles. Here's what you have to do.

It is very important that when we buy food containers we choose depending on how we use them. If you want a casserole for cooked food, it should be larger and larger.

If, on the contrary, you want to store cheese or fruit in the casserole like strawberries, cherries, cherries, then the casserole should be smaller. That's in the idea that you will keep a small amount cold, up to a kilogram.

Do not buy unknowingly, just because you really like the model or shape of the container. You may find that, once you get home, the size of the casserole does not match the amount of food you want to store.

The lid must be tightly closed.If you are looking for a container for storing cooked dishes, soups, soups or dishes with a lot of sauce you will have to be extremely careful about how well the lid closes.

Look for sealable containers to keep food from leaking. The way the lid is clamped is perhaps the most important "function" of a casserole, and for another reason: an airtight lid will not allow odors to enter the fridge.

How are they maintained?

Plastic containers are not used for heating food in the microwave oven because the substances they contain are harmful to health.

Also, the cassettes are not put in the freezer! When washing them, use warm water (not hot because the high temperature releases the plastic chemicals) and dishwasher detergent.

After you have washed them, the plastic containers will drain until they dry. If you do not use them, place them in the closet but without a lid so as not to smell.

Do you buy in pieces or in sets?

Some casseroles are sold in pieces, others in sets. Prices vary, however, and a single box could cost more than a set of 5 pieces. Buy according to how you use them.

Choose to lead a healthy life with the help of casseroles that will keep your food fresh and healthy.

With the help of casseroles you no longer have the cradle of the child's lunch table. This will be lovingly packed by you in casseroles that will keep the aroma and vitamins of the food as it is prepared.