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Magformers are renowned for their popular and accessible construction sets for early learners. They are ideal for fostering brain development through fun and interactive play and the construction possibilities are endless, thanks to the intuitive magnetic design. Internationally, Magformers has received more than 50 global educational and toy awards, including a Gold and Bronze medal in the UK Practical Pre-School Awards. The toys from Magformers are guaranteed to be safe, durable and fun! How does Magformers really work? Afterall, only opposite magnetic poles attract each other. Thanks to the unique neodymium magnets within the toys, the magnets will rotate and connect to each other regardless of their position. It makes Magformers truly pliable to all forms of play and child development. Magformers are both globally and nationally recognised as a leader in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education thanks to the 2D and 3D design of the different shapes in each set. Children will learn and play with all kinds of geometric shapes such as squares, triangles, rhomboids and other shapes. Magformers will also help assist them in geometric shape recognition, colour recognition and fine motor skills development. Magformers encourage interaction, sharing and social play and enable them to explore the wonder of magnets and forces. Magformers are a fun way to introduce maths, design and technology to younger children too. Magformer toys offer sets for KS1 and KS2 age pupils to help them compare and classify geometric shapes and easily identify shape properties like number of sides, edges, vertices and faces. Magformers also help children understand radius, diameter and circumference as well as circles and semi-circles. Early learning year children will be encouraged to identify and build 2D and 3D shapes like squares, triangles, cubes and pyramids. Plenty of Magformers sets include motors, gears, levers, pulleys, pistons and air blocks – which allows kids to build structures, evaluate designs and really get to grips with different mechanical systems to understand their purpose. The toys used in design and technology enable pupils to construct triangular, quadrangular, pentagonal and hexagonal shapes, build and explore cross sections, including cylinders and cones while stimulating visual senses through colours and shapes. Ride On Toys 4 U stock Magformer sets that are suitable for all ages and abilities. The construction possibilities are endless and come with endless benefits to your child’s development while at the same time having fun doing it! An ideal set for beginners, the Magformers Curve 20 PCS Set comes with an instruction booklet to build 20 different designs and structures. Children will be able to utilize arches, sectors and spheres to build exciting and interesting shapes, giving them their first taste of STEM subjects. Like all Magformer sets, this one is compatible with all other Magformer set ups. For the car racing fans in the family, why not get them the Rally Kart Remote Control Set to let them get creative with some fun car designs? This nifty little set means you can build various rally car kits and control it with Magformers very own RC control unit. Children will have endless entertainment building any number of car designs and have the added entertainment of seeing it go all by itself. The satisfaction of seeing something they built themselves drive around will be unmatched. If you’ve got a little one who loves to imagine being amongst the stars then the Space Traveler Set is the obvious choice. This set comes with 36 pieces and a unique out-of-this world figure along with a fun booklet detailing the little alien’s journey throughout the Magformers universe. The Minibot Kitchen Set is equally fun and educational coming with 33 unique pieces to build their very home and kitchen! This set will help enable cognitive and problem solving skills and is easy to engage with thanks to the easy step-by-step booklet. Magformer toys are safe, easy to clean and require no painstaking assembly or disassembly. They are the ideal indoor toy for children to develop their colour and shape recognition along with their fine motor skills. Ride On Toys 4 U source only high quality toys from the industry leading manufacturers and producers. Magformers are an industry disruptor with their unique take on creative and imaginative play, meaning children begin to develop an understanding about mathematical and engineering problems early in their lives, developing and heightening their motor skills and sense of depth and scale. This goes hand in hand with the endless construction and building possibilities, giving children endless hours of entertainment. At Ride On Toys 4 U, we are passionate about enabling children through imaginative and safe play. We are constantly assessing and reviewing the safety of the toys, activities and puzzles we supply to ensure all products sold are suitable for children of all ages and all abilities.