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Klein Toys

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German based Klein Toys are the true masters of high quality, expertly constructed products and have an extensive range within their portfolio. A safe home and parental love are the biggest asset that parents can give to their children. Equally important is an environment that encourages their development. This is where Klein Toys have forged the way since 1949. Klein Toys are designed and built to encourage social, practical and cognitive development in children through meaningful and imaginative play. Toys designed and built by the experts at Klein Toys support these areas of learning. Their toys also encourage pretend play, helping children to fire up their curiosity, imagination, creativity and practical knowledge. All while having countless hours of fun. The experts at Klein Toys help maintain their long-held values and ensure that they are offering extraordinary high quality toys that fully meet customers and children’s needs. The product range at Klein Toys is reviewed continuously and they strive for further development and tweaking of their product portfolio. Over the long life-span of Klein Toys they have grown an impressive list of licensing partners including Barbie, Bosch, Hot Wheels and John Deere along with their own popular brand lineups throughout the years. Here at Ride On Toys for you, we have teamed up with Klein Toys to provide some of the best toys in the world to help your children get creative for endless fun and entertainment. Klein Toys have plenty of licensed sets from the likes of Bosch and Barbie which Ride On Toys 4 U are stocking right now. Our range of Klein licensed Bosch toys is unparalleled in the UK. The Bosch Workstation is suitable for small children who love to get creative with their hands. The worktop features a learning function that allows children to place items on it. The workstation comes with an array of accessories including a saw, spirit level, screw drivers, hammer, pliers, screw clamp, storage boxes, screws, nuts and other DIY items. It’s perfect for indoor play and aids their motor skills. The ability to tell stories and get children to flex their imagination is the aim of the Theo Klein CAT Sand and Water Play Table. This toy is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play and comes with 2 removable basins, a snap on bucket wheel excavator and a bucket excavator. The Sand and Water play table comes with 3 vehicles including a dozer, hauler and a loader, 2 water bulkheads, 2 hoppers, 3 pipe plugs and 1 bridge and will help develop their logic and problem solving skills. For the princesses in the family, the Princess Coralie Emma Hairstyling Head allows kids to wash, brush and style her hair. The set includes cosmetics compact with dermatologically tested lip gloss, eye shadow and blusher and a comb and hair brush for styling. The hair and makeup can easily be washed off with a little warm water, meaning you can make Emma feel beautiful over and over again. Pair this with the Princess Coralie Large Hairstyling Case. This gives you more styling options and is suitable for giving other dolls a beautiful makeover. The case comes with a hairdryer, mirror and different styling combs for unique makeup and styling combinations. Invite all your friends round for a tea party! The BIO Dinner Set comes with eco-friendly plastic plates and cutlery. It’s ideal for beach trips, picnics or simply basking in the sunshine in the back garden. All the plates, spoons, forks, knives and other accessories come with rounded edges for maximum safety, so there’s no risk of accidents. You might have all the plates and cutlery but what about cooking the delicious meal itself? The dinner set will go nicely with the Miele Toy Starter Kitchen Set. It includes two cooking hobs with electronic cooking sounds, a sink, dishwasher, oven and coffee maker and comes with a wide range of accessories and tasty pretend play food. It is the perfect gift for budding chefs who want to cook their families a slap up gourmet meal. Ride On Toys 4 U and our partners at Klein Toys take their social responsibility for children seriously. Toy product safety has the highest priority: before putting an item in circulation, it is tested for its compliance with the relevant safety regulations. These tests are carried out regularly to ensure full confidence in the products being introduced to the young target audience. With such a wide range of safe toys that are equally important to a child’s development, Klein Toys have demonstrated time and time again the power of educational toys to help sharpen vital motor, logic and problem solving skills. Thanks to their licensing partnerships, they provide high quality toys that simulate day to day tasks that help children feel involved while at the same time having fun and developing key skills.