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Shop Trousers products at Outdoor Camping Direct. Save on our huge selection of Men's at Outdoor Camping Direct . Enjoy FREE delivery on orders over £75, Finance available 0% Interest Free Credit, FREE click & collect available. Shop Now!

Men's Trousers

We as a whole love a decent coat, supper coat, custom fitted shirt or cashmere sweater. Be that as it may, the majority of the above are nothing if your base half looks somewhat dismissed.

Basically, you need get your Trousers right, and it's trickier than you may might suspect.

To enable you to get your Trousers looking spot on, we've enrolled the help of eight of the nation's best tailors to give you the last word on length, texture, shading, quality, fit and event. You ought to never agree to inadequately fitting Trousers, and now you don't need to.

Continuously purchase half-lined Trousers

"Naval force fleece Trousers dependably work, yet ensure they're half lined, or they'll tingle over the thighs on the off chance that you get warm when moving. The perfect Trouser is thin cut with a typical midsection and limited foot; it's ageless and dependably works. As a guide, take a gander at the French understudy upheaval in May 1968 – that is the best approach regarding Trouser fit."

Focus on textures

"When you're putting resources into Trousers, there are a few textures to maintain a strategic distance from. Hopsack, for instance, will dependably lose shape, and the equivalent applies to cashmere. In the event that the mix is over a specific sum (20%), the Trousers won't keep going exceptionally long."

Fit is everything

"Fit is critical in light of the fact that anyway very much made the Trousers are in the event that they don't fit you will never wear them. Look inside the Trousers to perceive how the creases are built. In the event that the creases are not level, at that point the outside creases don't lie appropriately and verify whether there is adequate decorate to give them a chance to out sometime in the not too distant future. I loathe short pockets and polyester pockets."

No thin Trousers with suits

"Maintain a strategic distance from thin Trousers with a suit; you will seem as though you have a place on the Apprentice. Also, avoid synthetic strands and white… pale cream is OK. Also, you can never have enough matches of dark Trousers. Wool in winter and plain weave in summer."

Think about the development

"Carefully assembled Trousers will profit by a firm belt, bended metal fly zip, hand completed fly, trim and pockets, hand-sewn window ornaments (inside, covering the belt) and not too bad measured pocket packs. Be that as it may, prepared custom fitted Trousers simply should be vigorously sewn, in great fabric, and fit well."

Creases have their place

"Creased Trousers are considerably more pleasing around the center locale, particularly in case you're plunking down. I've constantly worshiped those huge creased Trousers and square shaped coats that David Bowie wore as the Thin White Duke. Likewise, the more full grown man of honor may keep away from leather..."
Get the length right

"In a perfect world, in case you're short or stocky, you ought to search for a half break or full break in the Trouser, so it hits the shoe impeccably. It's additionally worth the exertion of getting your formal Trousers calculated at the trim – for example 1cm longer at the back than the front – this will enable them to the shoe in a much cleaner way."

Keep them up accurately

"Actually, I don't care for props by any means. I do like texture side agents; they cut an extremely rich shape, and waist bands are in every case great giving you have a decent belt. Trousers with waist bands ought not be worn without a belt."