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Outdoor Clothing

When venturing into the outdoors, you will need clothing made specifically for the great outdoors.

When venturing into the great outdoors you will need the right type of outdoor clothing. Outdoor clothing can provide you with protection, cover and warmth. With constant innovation and modern technology, outdoor clothing has come leaps and bounds in recent years and style is not sacrificed for functionality.  Outdoor Camping Direct is an outdoor clothing shop offers a range of outdoor clothing in various designs and styles.

Things to consider before buying outdoor clothing

There are several things you should consider before buying outdoor clothing.

What are you wearing outdoor clothing for?

First thing you should ask yourself is what is the intended use of outdoor clothing. Think about the activity you are buying the clothing for and what features are important to you. Are you looking something that is very comfortable and lightweight or is durability a priority for you? Do you want protection from the weather or do you need something practical for travel purposes?

What will the weather be like for your outdoor activity?

The second thing you should consider is the range of temperatures and weather conditions for your outdoor activity. Cold wintry weather will require insulated clothing such as insulated jackets. Outdoor activities that will take place in wet conditions, you will want waterproof clothing such as waterproof jackets and rain boots such as wellie boots. If your outdoor activity will take place in warmer weather, then lightweight clothing would be ideal.

How versatile is the clothing?

The third thing to consider is the versatility of the garment. It’s a good idea to have several different types of clothing but clothes that can be used for a variety of purposes are incredibly useful. Especially when it comes to travelling in the great outdoors, it’s unlikely you’ll have access to your entire wardrobe so it’s advised to get pieces that have several functions.

The layering system of outdoor clothing

As we’ve said, when it comes to outdoor clothing you need to consider weather conditions. A good way to dress for the weather is by using the layering system.

There are no set rules for the layering system, as the type of layers, you will need to depend on the activity and the weather conditions. Understanding how each layer works on its own and part of a system will help you build the right layering system for your outdoor adventures.

The Base Layer

The base layer’s main purpose can be summed up as moisture management.

The base layer is worn next to the skin and its function is to regulate your body temperature by retaining heat and wicking away moisture.

As the name suggests, the base layer is worn next to the skin. Its main purpose is to regulate your body temperature by retaining heat and wicking away moisture. TriDri clothing is available at Outdoor Camping Direct and the complete range is made with wicking fabrics.

Merino wool is highly effective across a range of temperatures and outdoor activities. Merino wool has insulating properties and excellent moisture wicking and is also antimicrobial and this means needing to be washed less often. Merino wool’s versatility means merino base layers a great choice for most outdoor activities.

Synthetic base layers, such as those made from polyester and polypropylene, are ideal for high-intensity activities like running because they are quick-drying in hot and cold conditions.

You can shop men’s Base Layers on Outdoor Camping Direct today.


The mid-layer is sometimes called ‘the insulation layer’ because of the mid-layer provides warmth. Usually, your mid-layer is either a fleece or an insulated jacket. Like a base-layer, a mid-layer should be breathable and able to retain heat.

Fleeces are available in different thicknesses and are quick-drying and breathable and offer warmth by retaining heat and removing moisture. Shop fleeces for men, women and children at Outdoor Camping Direct today.

There are two main types of insulation: down and synthetic. Down insulated jackets are packable with an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, whereas synthetic insulated jackets can retain heat even when wet.

When it comes to mild weather, you might not need anything on top of your mid-layer but when the weather gets colder an additional layer will be necessary.

The outer layer

The outer layer is used for weather protection. A good outer layer will protect you against wind and rain but will also allow the moisture and heat from your body to escape so you don’t overheat.


Hardshell jackets are used for protection against rain or snow. Hardshell jackets are a must-have for hikes, camping, backpacking and any other activity that will take place in rainy or snowy weather. Hardshell jackets that are not insulated are lighter and more packable than softshell jackets, they are a better choice when weight and space are an issue.


A softshell jacket is a water-resistant, stretchy-and-breathable shell that offers breathable protection from light snow and rain. Some soft shells feature waterproof breathable technology, but most are just water repellent. They are designed to move with you and maintain comfortable body temperature during high-energy activities. Most softshell jackets feature a soft lining or fleece lining that offers added warmth.

Softshell jackets are used for stretch, warmth and breathability during outdoor adventures. Softshell jackets can be used as insulating mid-layer when you’re layering for skiing or dressing for cold, snowy weather and good for everyday use in cool weather. Softshell jackets can be seen as a fashionable choice but aren’t as lightweight, packable or waterproof as hard-shell jackets.

Insulated Jackets

In very cold conditions an insulated, synthetic or down jacket is highly effective as the outer layer, but it is important to have a waterproof outer layer to hand if there’s any chance of rain or snow. Shop insulated jackets at Outdoor Camping Direct for men and women today.

Key pieces of outdoor clothing

Insulating mid-layer

If your outdoor activities are taking place anywhere that isn’t hot then you’ll need a warm layer. Choose clothes made from wool and synthetic materials as they’ll dry fast and provide warmth even when wet. If you are going to wear multiple layers then combine different materials to maximize warmth and insulation.

Comfortable shorts or trousers

It’s up to you whether you pack a pair of trousers or shorts or even both. You should take into consideration the climate and activity but remember the freedom of motion is essential for either. At Outdoor Camping Direct, you can shop for women’s trousers and shorts and men’s trousers and shorts.


A pair of gloves is essential in many situations, especially if you have poor circulation. At Outdoor Camping you can buy men’s and women’s gloves.


Socks are a key piece in outdoor clothing although often overlooked.  Technical socks provide insulation and cushioning, prevent blisters, and support your ankles. Outdoor Camping Direct offer a range of socks for women and men that are perfect for your outdoor activity needs.


The right underwear can make or break for your trip. Choose the correct size and pick underwear styles that are suitable for an active lifestyle. It’s also advisable to choose quick-dry materials and avoid cotton for longer days or multi-day trips. When wet, cotton ceases to insulate and can cause chafing.

Outdoor jackets

A good outdoor jacket will protect you from the weather and is an essential item in your outdoor clothing wardrobe. There are different types of jackets which are suitable for different functions.

Hardshell jackets

 Hardshell jackets are thin, waterproof and windproof and are designed to protect you from rain, wind and snow. Running and other active sport hard shells are usually more lightweight and flexible, while mountaineering jackets are built to withstand harsher conditions.

Insulating jackets

Insulating jackets can be used in combination with a hard shell or as a standalone insulating layer. Down jackets pack small so they are ideal for outdoor activities in the cold.


Softshells are ideal for active sports such as skiing, climbing and cycling. Softshell jackets also provide some insulation as well as resistance to water and wind. Softshells are comfortable, form-fitting and fashionable.

Lightweight windbreakers

Lightweight windbreakers can vary from thin membranes for running (often lower than 100g in weight)  to moderately waterproof jackets, lightweight windbreakers protect from the wind and rain and offer light insulation. Many runners, cyclists and hikers use lightweight.


Apart from wearing the right clothes, you also need the right footwear for outdoor activities. You can get men and women's footwear from Outdoor Camping Direct.

Walking shoes

As the name suggests, walking shoes are intended for walking. Walking shoes are lightweight and super comfortable, ideal for easygoing trails. Walking shoes are perfect for short-distance trekkers and for walking in warm and dry weather.

Walking boots

Just like walking shoes, walking boots are the ideal footwear of choice for those who want to go walking. Walking boots are a popular and preferred choice for hillwalkers. Walking boots are sturdy and versatile and are suitable for a wide range of challenging terrains. Walking boots are perfect for long hikes in uncertain conditions.

Running shoes

In comparison to walking shoes, running shoes tend to be lighter in weight but heavier in cushioning, especially for the heel and the toe. Running is a more intense sport than walking so runners tend to exert more energy. Your feet get hot, and most running shoes are made of mesh to allow air to move freely. This mesh also keeps the shoe lighter.

Wellington boots

Wellington boots are commonly referred to as 'wellies'. Wellington boots are made to be worn for muddy and wet weather and are a favourite of festival-goers. Wellington boots for women and men are available to buy at Outdoor Camping Direct.

Where to get outdoor clothing?

Outdoor Camping Direct is an outdoor clothing store that has thousands of clothes for outdoor lovers to choose from. From men's outdoor clothing to women's outdoor clothing, we have the right outdoor clothing and equipment for you to choose for your outdoor adventures.