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Camping Equipment

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What are the types of camping equipment essentials?

There are different types of camping which will require different types of camping equipment. Here at Outdoor Camping Direct, we sell a range of camping equipment to suit your camping needs.

Campsite camping  equipment essentials

This is probably the most common type of camping. Campsite camping requires campers to occupy a hired pitch to set up their camping equipment for a specific amount of time. There will be many neighbouring pitches with other friends, families and groups also camping nearby.

Campsites provide amenities - either as part of a package of through and additional fee – to campers. These amenities include anything from food and drink and washing facilities to activities and entertainment.

To make this camping trip go smoothly, it's important to get the right camping equipment and clothing such as sleeping bags and waterproof jackets so campers are protected and adequately sheltered.

Festival camping equipment essentials

This type of camping shares a lot of similarities to campsite camping. Here, you again must pay for the privilege of being able to camp on-site and to use the amenities.

The big, obvious difference is that you are paying to enjoy the attached festival, primarily. Festival camping typically lasts for a weekend marrying the raucous fun of a festival with the practicality of a short-term camping trip.

Music festivals are known for their unpredictable weather, to combat the rain it would be advised to get waterproof jackets for your festival camping fun. Outdoor Camping Direct have a range of waterproof jackets for women and men.

Backpack camping equipment essentials 

Camping in its simplest form comes with backpack camping. Backpackers are nomadic moving from site to site with a lightweight cache of camping equipment. Often, like wild campers, backpackers will end up camping on non-sanctioned makeshift campsites. Because backpackers are constantly on the move, they only take the essentials and sleeping bags and tents are camping essentials.

Glamping camping equipment essentials

Glamping is rapidly growing in popularity amongst a demographic who aren’t so good at the “roughing it” part of camping. Glampers want to get closer to nature but more luxuriously than typical campers. Accommodation is often provided by the site in the form of kitted yurts, tipis and futuristic geodesic glass domes.

Though glamping is seen as a highly eco-friendly type of camping, many have argued glampers do not get close enough to nature. This is mainly because glamping encourages attendees to stay in their accommodations with plush features that can include TVs, computers and Jacuzzis.

The benefits of camping

You may have never been on a camping outing in your life. Or you may have been once, but it wasn’t a memorable experience for whatever reason. Still, there are many benefits to camping that make it an enjoyable and educational getaway for campers.

Camping gets you active

Nowadays, we all spend far too much time sedentary. As we work at desks all day, we become physically lazier and unhealthier. With camping, this is not an option. Camping is the essence of becoming active by exploring your environment. Everything from packing your camping equipment to scrubbing the cookware before you return home requires physical exertion.

Camping is entertaining

Some people feel like, if you take away their tech for a weekend, there’s nothing to do. In reality, camping is not only a great stress reliever, but it is also thoroughly enjoyable. Whether you’re going with your family, friends or just a pet, nature throws up different ways of keeping busy. While camping, you can do activities such as hiking, cycling or kayaking. Or you can stay locally to your pitch and play some games like cards, I Spy or charades. There is a seemingly endless range of activities to be enjoyed if you’re smart and resourceful.

Camping is stress-relieving

There’s no better way to get rid of the stress of everyday life than to just disappear off the grid. Getting back to nature where things take a simpler time allows campers to relax and gather their thoughts.

Camping saves money

Rather than spending all your hard-earned money on an expensive holiday abroad, spend a smaller budget on a camping trip. Pitches are cheap and much of the camping equipment you’ll need can be found around the average household.

Camping is great for bonding

Even tightknit families learn so much more about their family unit whilst camping. During a camping trip, families rely heavily on each other for support in many capacities.

This can be anything like pitching the tent, preparing the food or navigating campsites. While this is happening, it’s natural to talk and interact with one another in new ways to get the job done, and done well. By the time you leave, you’ll have learnt at least one new thing about the capabilities of the members of the group.

Planning a camping trip

It’s never a good idea to just rock up to a grassy patch and set up your tent. It’s nigh on impossible to do that and guarantee a pleasurable outing. Before heading out on a camping trip, carefully plan all aspects of your journey.

Where are you going?

Before anything, it helps to have a decent idea of where you will be camping. To help you decide where that will be, think about location, parking, amenities and your budget. All of these factors will help you to create a shortlist of suitable campsites to suit you and accompanying your group.

When are you going?

When you decide to go on your camping trip is vitally important. Picking an ideal time will help you decide where to go, how you’ll get there, the camping accessories you’ll need, and much more. Of course, the ideal scenario would be to go during a public holiday in mild to warm weather. But, though these factors allow less camping equipment and a more pleasant environment, it also means campsites charging higher fees.

Who are you going with?

Are you going alone are will you be attending with others? Camping is great when it’s done in manageable groups. Knowing how many people will be in attendance allows you to plan accordingly.

Will you need transport?

Figure out what kind of transport is suitable for yourself and your camping equipment, firstly. Many campsites have parking areas should you need to travel up with a motor vehicle. Make any adjustments depending on the number of attendees and the location of the campsite.

What is your budget?

Try not to make any wild plans before knowing what your budget is. Account for camping equipment, campsite fees (including activities), food, transport and additional costs. Fortunately, it’s not massively expensive to plan a camping trip. Set aside a budget and make your decisions within your means.

Camping equipment checklist

Sleeping Bag

To have a good night’s sleep when you go camping, you will need a sleeping bag. Outdoor Camping Direct have a range of sleeping bags to suit your budget and needs.


While camping you will need shelter and that comes in the form of a tent. Outdoor Camping Direct has a variety of tents from 1 to 2 person tents to family tents.

Water carriers

When camping it’s important to make sure you are hydrated. Water carriers are a great way to have water with you while you’re on the move.


What’s camping without a campfire? You will need a campfire for food. The Yellowstone Aluminium Telescopic Campfire Tripod allows you to suspend pots over a stove.

First aid kit

Hopefully, your camping trip will go without any accidents. But in case you do end up getting some grazes and bruises then a first aid kit can come in handy.  Outdoor Camping Direct has a range of first aid kits to choose from to ensure that will fully prepared for your camping trip.


If you’re camping in remote areas, you will need a navigation tool. A compass can keep you heading in the right direction, check out our catalogue that has a selection of compasses to choose from.

Waterproof jackets

You will need a waterproof jacket to protect you from the rain. Here at Outdoor Camping Direct, we have a range of waterproof jackets for women and men to choose from.


Campfires are pretty but only provide light for about six feet in any direction. If you need to locate an item within your tent or visit the latrine during the night then a portable, battery-powered light is invaluable. Outdoor Camping Direct has a range of lighting equipment to choose from, so you never have to worry about being left in the dark.


Like any trip, it’s important to maintain your hygiene. The Full Circle Eco-Friendly Hygiene and Toiletries Camping and Festival Travel Pack will keep you clean during your camping trip and is made with the environment in mind.