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How do you choose the best cool bag?

A cool bag is a very useful item in any family, as it is often used when going to the green grass, picnic or hiking. Undoubtedly, a portable refrigerator bag is efficient in situations when you leave home and want to cool various drinks and foods.

In the spring, autumn, but especially during the summer, a refrigerated bag is used quite often, if you go out in nature with family and children or go to the country. The product will be of great help to keep cold sandwiches, fruits, juice or beer cold.

Before going to the stores to choose an appropriate refrigerator bag, it is advisable to follow a few steps. First of all you have to determine how big the product should be, depending on your personal needs.

A passive refrigerator bag uses as an ice-cooling agent or pills containing a liquid and which must be frozen in the freezer before being placed in the portable crate. This model is useful for the beach, at work or picnic, it is small in size, easy to carry.

An electric refrigerator bag has cooling and heating functions, which can be used in the car, at home, while walking or on the road. It has a supply voltage of 12 V and a relatively low weight (of 2.4 kg), being able to keep hot foods, hot coffee, as well as cold drinks.

A refrigerator bag with compressor is the best performing product on the market in this category. It has a dual role: fridge and freezer, being suitable for hiking and hiking. It has a large volume of food and beverage storage and energy class A ++, but it has a large weight of about 13 kg. You must know that this model is the most expensive of all.

An important factor in choosing a frog bag is its ability.

If you get used to going out less, once a month and you want to get food and drinks for two people, then you can choose a regular model, with a smaller capacity, for example a refrigerated bag of 6-10 liters.

If you travel more often on weekends and need a larger volume, then you can opt for a medium capacity refrigerator bag, respectively a refrigerator bag with values between 11 and 20 liters. It can be useful for hiking, picnicking or fishing.

For camping it is good to have a refrigerated bag that has a volume of 21-30 liters, it has space for 6 bottles of PET type 1.5 l, plus 2 of 1 l. It has the advantage that it cools down to 15 degrees Celsius below ambient temperature.

Now we can say that you are ready to buy the best refrigerator bag.