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Drink Bottles

How do you choose the best thermos for you? What functions and features should the right thermos offer? Read our guide to make informed choices. It is hard to imagine that nowadays, someone does not have a thermos at home. Its characteristics are very different, so we have to analyze all the details to choose the best option. Contrary to popular belief, the thermos can store not only hot, but also cold drinks, as the temperature will be maintained at about the same level for a long time, regardless of its sign. This is why a thermos is a unique device and can be easily used by a person for various purposes.

Food container

You can use it for both cold foods and hot foods. The container is provided with a large mouth that allows you to easily wrap it, eat directly from it and clean it very easily.

For drinks

Typically, such devices are long and narrow. A distinctive feature of these devices is the presence of two caps - one (external) serves as a cup, and the second (internal) is responsible for maintaining the temperature in the thermos.

Thermos with pump

Such devices are also required to maintain the temperature of the liquids. However, their distinctive feature is a very large volume. This thermos is suitable for some family trips, parties, but on the way, for example, in the mountains, you can not take it very much, because it is quite large and bulky.

Universal terms

 As the name suggests, this type of thermos is designed to maintain the temperature of food and liquids. In other words, they keep products very poor, which is a significant disadvantage. But you do not have to think much about what thermos to buy, because it is universal.

The main problem in choosing a thermos

The only problem with buying a thermos - to determine what it will be used for. Often, people find it difficult to choose this device for several reasons, including finances, it is not known what will be stored there and most importantly - the material from which the thermos are made. Therefore, we offer you the characteristics of the best option:

  • Metal housing
  • Double walls, stainless steel
  • Volume 0.5-1.5 liters
  • Classic or universal type
  • Complete case
  • Other accessories (fastening systems, dishes, appliances, etc.)
  • Opening / supplying system - valve 

With these tips the process of choosing a thermos will be much easier. Have fun shopping.