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SmartMax are a high quality magnetic toy producer aimed at young developing children. Their toys are designed to help develop their mental and physical ability. Their sets are ideal for encouraging creative and imaginative play and especially for children who are interested in science based toys. The leading designers at SmartMax have made sure that their toys are both fun, educational and mentally stimulating for children. The ‘north’ and ‘south’ pieces can be easily distinguished by small children from the cold north colours (green, blue, purple, white) and hot south colours (red, orange, yellow and pink). The toy sets from SmartMax help your children develop hand-eye coordination, counting, 2D and 3D form recognition, spatial awareness, logical thinking and colour recognition. With the SmartMax range of magnetic bars, children will find fun in the challenge of discovering how magnets work. As an added challenge, the magnets of the long bars are stronger than those of the short bars. Long bars can lift more weight or make stronger connections. SmartMax share Ride On Toys 4 U passion for child safety at every stage of their development, especially when they are at play. SmartMax have ensured that their magnetic toys are completely suitable for small children over the age of one. SmartMax has ensured that all parts are over 3cm, perfect for small hands and negates the risk of small parts being potentially swallowed. The parts are also made from premium quality raw materials, meaning they are extra strong. In addition, SmartMax parts are glued together and ultrasonically welded for final assembly. This makes it impossible for toddlers to tear them apart and get to the magnets inside. Safe play is assured with SmartMax sets and Ride On Toys 4 U stock an ample selection of sets to give your children something to really sink their creative teeth into! The Collector Case Magnetic Play Set is perfect to let children go wild with their imagination. No instructions, no guides, just pure fun and creativity. This 52 piece set includes a wide range of SmartMax pieces in 6 different colours and even features wheels and frames to build vehicles. When the little ones have had their fun, the playset comes with a handy storage case for quick clear aways. My First Totem Magnetic Set will give young children a helping hand in developing their understanding of magnets while evolving their ability to problem solve. The set features over 24 challenges to build thanks to the inclusion of fun challenge cards. Children can create unique animal totems, 8 colour building blocks with different sounds, styles and textures for exciting design choices and encourages creative play, reinforcing motor skills and encouraging their storytelling ability. A Start Magnetic Set features colourful magnetic bars and large metal balls that help children produce incredible creations. Children can create simple to complex structures with the help from the instruction guide included or unleash their creativity and imagination and build something of their own design. This handy 44 piece set gives children a way to develop their spatial skills. The Build & Roll Magnetic Set comes with 7 panels with a hole, 1 funnel, 12 metal balls, 15 medium bars, 7 curved semi-transparent tubes, 2 straight semi-transparent tubes. It’s a truly creative hands on learning experience and the number of different pieces will keep children entertained for hours on end. Creating their own ball runs or using the handy guide, it will also give children a basic understanding of how magnets and forces of gravity and motion work. If your children want to build themselves some crazy action set pieces, the Stunt Cars Magnetic Building Set is easy for children to build themselves. They can create and build their own tracks and their own cars to produce epic races and stunts, a fun-filled way to learn and play at the same time. All SmartMax toys are compatible with each other and all sets you get will simply give your children more choice and more creative fun to expand their horizons. There are also accessory sets such as the Xtension Set 6 Long Bars or Xtension Set 6 Metal Balls to help children expand their existing sets, meaning bigger and better vehicles, tracks and even more fun! SmartMax has developed some of the best high quality educational toys in the world, giving children an easy and fun way to learn about magnets and how basic physical object interactions work. The toy sets produced by SmartMax benefit child development by enhancing their hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, logic and problem solving skills plus shape and colour recognition. Ride On Toys 4 U source only the best quality and safest toys from leading manufacturers who understand what it takes for children to learn essential skills and, equally important, to have fun at the same time.