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Don’t just bed down…AeroBed down.

Try the Areobed Active when you're enjoying nature under the stars for extreme comfort. It can inflate in less than 60 seconds, consumes up no room and accompanies an intense pump which can be used at home or keep running from a vehicle. Also, it was rated 10 out of 10 by independent judges in 4x4 magazine.

 What is AeroBed?

AeroBeds® are self-inflating luxury airbeds which use the latest comfort enhancing technology to guarantee a great night’s sleep. They are perfect for outdoors trips, open air use and visitor sleepovers

Why AeroBed?


The beauty of the AeroBed® is convenience. In today's reality where we are constantly shy of time and space, the AeroBed® can give comfort rapidly to yourself as well as other people.


AeroBed®  have invested years culminating the airbed innovation to bring you beddings that are amazingly comfortable.


The AeroBed® is made with heavy duty PVC and every bedding has been tried in advance to guarantee the most elevated quality.

Minimal Price: £29.99