Top 10 Winter Camping Tips!

If you're an adventurous traveller who has always wanted to try camping outdoors in winter... don't fear! As our expert Camping team have listed their top 10 tips to make your experience as enjoyable and easy as possible. We understand the importance of having a fun and safe experience. Create camping memories that will last a lifetime!


#1 Wrap up warm

Be aware of dressing in synthetic layers from head to toe, and from your base layer to your outer layer as wearing cotton can make you wet and cold. We have a range of clothing to keep you cosy during your trip from TOP brands such as; Regatta, Craghoppers, Evercreatures and DexShell.


We supply all types of clothing from; waterproofs, fleeces, bodywarmers, base layers, accessories to stylish wellies. Furthermore, we can kit out all of your family as we have mens clothing, womens clothing and for the little ones also! Click here to browse through our range.

#2 Share your plan

Prefer travelling solo? No problem! However, we do recommend that you let others know where you’re going and when you plan to be back - just to be on the safe side.


#3 Eat regularly

Having a proper breakfast to start the day off right will make you feel great and give you tons of energy for any activities you have planned! Remember to carry plenty of food with you such as; protein bars, tasty soups and snacks.


TIP: Calories are needed for your body to create heat. Click here to check out our Eating and drinking section for everything you may need.


#4 Stay hydrated

When you are having fun on your camping adventure, you don’t typically think of drinking water. However, it is very important as dehydrated people are more likely to get hypothermia. We recommend avoiding caffeine as it dehydrates and sticking to the water or herbal hot drinks to keep warm.




TIP: Store your water bottle upside down in your pack; water always freezes from the top.


#5 Check the weather

Remember to check the weather as winter conditions can be tricky! It can go from cool to cold very quickly at times so be prepared for any situation which may occur. 


#6 Keep covered

The wind chill can make or break any camping trip. We think it is best to stick to the sheltered areas and keep toasty with our DexShell range of accessories. This top brand has porelle membrane socks, hats and gloves which look great as well as keeping you warm.


Please note: Any exposed skin results in a significant amount of body-heat loss. That's why we have chosen the latest high quality range for our campers. Click here to view more.

#7 Be prepared

Camping in the winter requires greater caution than in other seasons. For example, hazards may be hidden under the snow. Be cautious on ice, especially near running water. We have the essential First Aid Kids from Yellowstone and Lifesystems our team recommends for you.




Typical contents include adhesive bandages, regular strength pain medication, gauze and low grade disinfectant. Remember the key aims of first aid are to preserve life, prevent further harm and promote recovery.

Shop our fantastic range of First Aid Kits here.


#8 Research your acitivies

Consider that your route could be more difficult to naviagate than the summer months. Ensure that you have a good map and even better compass. We recommend that you take turns breaking and keep a steady pace! Our expert team recommend that you have a good map and even better compass. Shop here.




#9 Consider Snow blindness

Remember that sometimes sun reflecting off the snow can strains your eyes, causing nausea and headaches. Wearing sunglasses will help reduce glare off the snow to make your experience as enjoyable as possible!

#10 Pack Well

Finally, our last tip - remember to pack well! Write a must-have list and check everything off. Do you have the appropriate bags? At Outdoor Camping Direct we have a comprehensive range of rucksacks and travel bags which are road-tested for quality, cost-effectiveness, and comfort. From travel bags to rucksaks we have it all so click here to view our range!



So bring good company, a good book and create camping memories that will last a lifetime! Any questions don't hesistate to contact our helpful customer service support team on 0203 7500 650 from Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm.