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Tips for the best camping set up

Tips for the best camping set up

Whether you’re camping for the first time or just need a refresher, our tips for the best camping set up will help you get the most out of your next trip.

Pick a tent with plenty of space

A tent’s a tent, right?

That’s definitely not the case.

Don’t buy a tent without checking its dimensions and features. You might be tempted to go for the cheapest option you can find, but one of the last things you’ll want to experience during your trip is a sense of claustrophobia.

Aim to buy a tent with a capacity rated two people higher than the number you actually intend to fit inside. For example, if you’re taking six relatives or friends, an eight-man tent (like the Coleman Orange Octagon 8 Tent) would be the best option.

Bonus tip: if you fancy a lie-in during your camping trip, Coleman’s BlackOut Bedroom® design blocks out 99 percent of daylight. The Coleman Green Octagon BlackOut Tent is a terrific example.

Treat yourself to an airbed

If you’ve slept in a tent with nothing but a thin sleeping bag between you and the cold canvas, you’ll notice the difference with an airbed. They’re a simple but effective way to bring some of the comfort of home along with you.

You’re also more likely to enjoy a restful sleep if you’re genuinely comfortable, and (hopefully) feel a little more refreshed for hiking or activities the next day.

But make sure you check its size before you order an airbed — it shouldn’t take up all the space inside the tent.

The Benross High Raised Double Flocked Inflatable Airbed is just one of the many fantastic airbeds available. This features three layers, a waterproof flocked surface, and built-in pillow. And the bulged surrounding frame is designed to stop you rolling off the bed in your sleep.

Equip yourself with quality cooking gear

Good cooking gear is a must for eating well on a country break. With the right camping set up, you can eat almost anything — pizza, kebabs, paella to name just three options.

You have plenty of cooking equipment to choose from, so it comes down to personal preference. If you’re comfortable handling a portable gas BBQ, the Cadac Safari Chef 2 High Pressure BBQ could work wonders for you. This includes four interchangeable cooking surfaces, and is easy to pack away.

Or there’s the Campingaz Blue Series 400 S Double Burner. This includes innovative Xcelerate™ Technology for outstanding performance, and the Piezo ignition guarantees lighting.

You can use different cooking gear with BBQs and stoves, such as the Cadac Pizza Stone or Cadac Black Chef 2 Grill 2 Braai Plate.

Pack a gazebo for sunny and wet days

Set up a gazebo so you can enjoy the great outdoors come rain or shine!

You can prepare food on a BBQ or stove nearby, and enjoy your meals under shelter without being in direct sunlight or a downpour.

These four simple tips should help you create the best camping set up for your next break. And you can find hundreds of amazing options in our complete range of camping products now!

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