Tents are essential for most festivals, so what makes a good one?

With European weather it is essential that your tent can stand up to the elements.  It is also a good idea to have one that can be setup and taken down fairly easily.  So let's look at a few music festival tents which make the perfect base while you're rockin' out!

As a rule always go for the next size above where tents are concerned.  So if there are two of you go for three man tent, if there are three of you go for four man tent, and so on and so forth.  You'll appreciate the extra space.

One Person Festival Tent

Ascent 2 - Two Person Tent

The Ascent 2 is a sturdy two skin tent which offers great protection against the elements.  Should the sun come out, you will also be pleased to know the tent is ventilated.  The tent is very easy to setup and disassemble and is lightweight.  So it fits in the car with no problems.  Click here for more information.

Two Person Festival Tents

The Ascent 3

The Ascent 3 is a three person tent.  It has an inner and outer layer which shields you from the elements more effectively than a single layer tent.  It is built to withstand the weather and is portable enough to make it an effective festival tent.  Click here for more information

Three Person Festival Tents

Four Person 3 Season Tent

Weighing less than 5 kgs, this tent is perfect for camping and festivals.  It flies up, and can sleep four people providing you know them well.  Ideally you don't want more than three people unless you're very adventurous. 

For festivals the bright colour will help you find your tent in the dark.  Click here for more information.

Family Tents for Festivals

If you are a family, a good family tent will be ideal at a festival.  The only difficulty you may face is that some festivals place restrictions on the size of the tent you can pitch.  This is mostly down to space and profits.  Nonetheless, there are options.

Consider buying two maybe three tents for the various family members.

These tents are good for kids:

Dome 2 - 2 Persons

This single skin tent can be setup simply at a festival.  The tent is only single skin but the dome design will keep the rain off.  It might get chilly at night but a good sleeping bag and blanket will soon sort that out.  Click here to lean more.

Carnival Tent - 2 Persons

Arguably a bit snug for two adults, but for a child it is ideal.  Again a single skin tent, but the design allows water to run off it while the occupant remains dry inside.  Blankets and a good sleeping bag will keep your child warm.

It does not just about tents however. Why not take a look our accessories as well?  The better prepared you for your music festival, the better time you will have.