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The ultimate campervan accessory checklist

The ultimate campervan accessory checklist

Planning your first campervan holiday?

Great! Campervans are a fantastic way to take home on the road with you without the bulk or expense of a traditional motorhome. You can just pack it up, go, and live your best van life.

But you need to pack it up with the right things to make sure you’re well prepared. Such as?

Here’s the ultimate campervan accessory checklist to get you started …

Essential campervan accessories

Mobile lighting

Mobile lighting is an absolute must. Yes, campfires are romantic, but they don’t let you see into nooks and crannies like a good lantern or torch.

The Milestone 4 Pack Ultra Bright LED Waterproof Camping Lantern set is a terrific package. These include adjustable light sensitivity, run for up to eight hours, and can be hung wherever you need them.

Cooking equipment

It’s never been easier to eat well while living the van life. You can choose from varied BBQs and stoves based on the type of cooking control you’re looking for.

The Cadac Black 2 Cook 2 Pro Deluxe QR Table Top Gas Barbecue is a comprehensive model. It has dual burners, is compatible with butane and propane, and precision temperature control.

Simple furniture

You’ll need tables and chairs for eating, relaxing, playing board/card games, etc. Aim for folding furniture that’s easy to store and quick to set up.

The Milestone Aluminium Adjustable Height Folding Camping Table, for example, is a great pick. Its height is adjustable and it has an integrated carry handle.

For seating, go luxurious with the Regatta Sedile Directors Folding Chair. Its side table gives you a handy place to store your drink, book, or sunglasses.

Sleeping bags

Stay warm and comfortable with a reliable sleeping bag, but make sure it’s easy to store. The Milestone Envelope 3 Season Sleeping Bag Double is fantastic for couples, with insulation for winter and breathability for summer.

Thermal blind

Attach a thermal blind to your campervan’s windows to reflect sunlight during summer and provide insulation in winter. They can reduce condensation and keep the interior comfortable.

Carbon monoxide detector

The fuel-burning gear you use when you sample life on the road could be a source of carbon monoxide, so it’s crucial that you take care when using them and packing them away. A good carbon monoxide detector will alert you to potential threats and help you stay safe.
Sat nav device

Minimise your risk of getting lost with a dedicated sat nav device, which should have more features than your phone’s navigation app.

Make sure you get your destination’s location right and be prepared to take alternative routes if required.

Outdoor shower

Just because you’re living in a van for a few days doesn’t mean you should let your hygiene slip, tempting as that may be. But if you don’t fancy using communal showers at a campsite, a portable outdoor shower is just what you need.

Quality models can be attached easily and provide a reliable flow of water.

This ultimate campervan accessory checklist has covered the essentials you’ll need, but if you want to discover more amazing options, check out our complete range now!



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