Whenever I have gone on holiday in the past I have, apart from the rucksack/holdall that I normally take, been more of a carrier bag kind of guy.  But recently, a friend had suggested that I consider taking a picnic hamper along in the car when on holiday, so that on days out Ill have everything I’ll need to have a spot of lunch out and about.  After a lot of deliberation, I opted to try the Yellowstone 4 Person Wicker Picnic Basket with Cooler from Outdoor Camping Direct.

The first time I used it on holiday was when I went with family to a wooden lodge that was located on a site that was also home to a few great fishing lakes.  Although I was very cynical that it would actually have any real practical value and was going to be more of a pain to carry round than anything else, I was pleasantly surprised with just how useful it was.

Whenever we went out for the day on our holiday, we simply packed the food inside the basket and headed out. Because it has literally everything you need, in the way of dining accessories, the only thing you need to add to the basket is the food you intend to eat that day. My fears of it being an extra weight that Id have to lug around from the car to destination and vice versa were dispersed when it became clear that it was as compact and lightweight as the description suggested.

The cooler compartment works a treat and ensured that all our food stayed nice and fresh. I have to admit that I felt very posh and grown up, as this was my first time owning and using a picnic basket. It made the afternoons by the fishing lakes feel more special than I reckon they would have done if we had just stuck to my original, bad idea of carrier bags to carry the food in.

It wasn’t just me that thought the basket was a great accessory for holidays, as my mum has also said that she thought it was really good and was intending on buying one for herself too. I know I really love this picnic basket though, because I can’t wait for the next chance I have to use it.

In summary, I would say if you are looking for a very practical, easy to carry and use, picnic hamper that has everything you could ever want for 4 people to dine outside by the lake, camping, or at festivals then you can’t do much better than purchasing the Yellowstone 4 Person Wicker Picnic Basket and Cooler.

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