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5 Camping Hacks to Make Trips Easier

5 Camping Hacks to Make Trips Easier

Camping doesn’t have to be a cold, rainy chore these days. With enough preparation and some awesome camping hacks, you’ll want to go on more amazing adventures. 

We’ve got five awesome camping hacks to make your trips easier and in this blog we’ll be going through some one-pot cooking tricks, how to pack minimal and make the most of little to no light often found in camping spots. 

DIY Glow in The Dark Jar

This is great for both adding some wondrous atmosphere to your campsite and also can help keep the kids entertained. Simply paint the inside of a jar with non-toxic glow in the dark paint and you will instantly have some funky looking lights to decorate the campsite and your tent. 

These jars can easily be used to light the way to the shower block and toilets or just making sure everyone knows whose tent is whose when the sun goes down. Make it interesting for the kids and see who can create the funkiest glow in the dark jar then hold a competition.

Don’t have that many jars at home? Not to worry, at Outdoor Camping Direct, we’ve got some funky lanterns of our own. The Yellowstone 9 LED Ultra Bright Glow In The Dark Torch is a powerful pocket-sized torch with a knurled barrel for extra grip and soft rubber finish. The outer casing glows in the dark so you won’t have to worry about losing it in the middle of the night.

Pack Minimal - Save Space!

The biggest problem with going on a camping trip is trying to fit all your clothes, equipment and food into your storage space. It will be especially gruelling if you have to carry everything a good distance away to the campsite.

There are a few things you can do to save valuable space in your rucksack. Loo roll. If there’s a big group of you, you’re going to need lots of it. Remove the inner cardboard tube and flatten the toilet paper down. That way you’ll be able to bring more and save space for other items.

Make your hygiene single use by taking a bar of soap and cutting it up into smaller chunks. That way, you can stay clean, reduce the amount of cleaning products you need and save space.

Welcome to the 21st century - collapsible kettles and bowls are a thing here. Even bowls are bulky and awkward to pack so invest in the Summit Pop! 7L Collapsible Large Round Bowl for the ultimate space-saving and thirst-quenching out there!

Good Food, One Pot Style

Camping and hiking burn a lot of energy so it’s important that everyone has a hearty meal throughout the day. While cooking is one of the most enjoyable and sociable aspects of camping, you don’t want to try and make anything complicated over an open fire on a portable hob. 

Beans, eggs, sausages, bacon, fruit can all be cooking within a few minutes wrapped in cooking foil over a hot fire. Make sure to pack some before you head off on your trip.

You don’t want your food to taste bland but you also don’t want to pack unnecessary seasoning containers. Label up some old Tic Tac boxes and put in your seasonings. You now have mobile seasoning dispensers to make campfire food even tastier! 

Fancy a quick and healthy snack? Try carving out the middle of an apple and fill it with trail mix, baking on a fire for a few minutes. 

Keep Clean With a DIY Shower

You might feel it’s out of your reach but a homemade shower is really simple to create with the right equipment. Find a large rectangular jug (preferably 9 litre capacity) with a spout, a watering can with detachable sprinkler head, rope and some Gorilla tape. 

Take the jug spout and glue the watering can sprinkler head to it. Depending on how much they fit together you might have to seal any gaps between the two with glue or the Gorilla tape. 

With the rope, you should easily be able to create a system where the jug now hangs correctly from a tree or pole. 

But how do you heat the water? Cover as much of the jug as possible with Gorilla tape and leave in the sun. Throughout the day the tape will insulate the water inside the jug and by the evening you will have nice warm shower water.

Homemade Bug Repellent

You might attract all sorts of bugs and mosquitos to your campsite so make sure you bring some homemade repellents. Burning sage on your fire or BBQ will keep mosquitos from invading your campsite.

For other nasties such as wasps, a good trick is to burn coffee granules on the fire or in a pot. 

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