Festival season is approaching fast. Chances are, you’ve either bought your tickets or are waiting for them to go on sale.  Festivals are fantastic experiences.  Having the right gear will enable you to sit back, relax, and enjoy watching the performances.


Tents come in all shapes and sizes.  As a general rule, get one that is a size above.  So, if you have a party of two, take a three person tent.  Over three people in a party and you'll be better off taking a family tent.  If you haven’t bought your festival tent yet, you can purchase one here: Festival Tents

When pitched correctly, most tents will keep the rain off.  Tents that have ‘two skins,’ or an inner and outer layer, will keep you warmer than those with just one.  A cheap single skin tent won’t be breathable or waterproof, so try to avoid these.  A good single skin tent will cost more, but the advanced materials will allow some ventilation while keeping the rain out. 

Mallets, Tent Pegs, Poles, Spares etc.

It is important that you have plenty of pegs, a mallet, spare poles etc, as you never know what will break.  There are thousands of people at a festival and any one of them can trip over your guy rope.  When you buy your accessories consider tent pegs and guy ropes that glow in the dark.  This not only will help you find your tent, it will help others to avoid it.

If you haven't got this stuff already, here is a good list of things you'll need: Tent Accessories

Toilet Rolls and Toiletries

Without a doubt, you need toilet roll at a festival.  Take your own and bring it with you when you visit the loo.  Even if you’re just shielding yourself from the seat, it will be worth its weight in gold.  As for toiletries, ensure you have your toothbrush.  You may not have a bathroom, but you can still brush your teeth and wash your mouth out in a field.

Ensure you take a first aid kit, suntan lotion, bin bags, dry shampoo, and any medication that you may need.  It’s a good idea to have paracetamol and ibuprofen too.

To that end, consider taking a Camping Mirror.  Mirrors are always handy for make - up, hair, etc.

Sleeping Bags, Ground Mats

Sleeping bags and ground mats are essential.  They can be folded up easily and they will keep you warm at night.  Hopefully, the festival will be good and you'll only be sleeping a few hours at a time, like when the sun is coming up.  Nonetheless, get yourself a good sleeping bag.

Here’s a link: Festival Sleeping bags

Clothing - Prepare For All Weather

Although it will most likely rain, you don’t have to take too many heavy clothes.  Still, take your favourite jumper and some decent base layers.  It’s just not fun being anywhere when you’re cold. You should also have at least one good set of waterproof clothes with you, including wellies!

Eating and Drinking

Food rules vary from one festival to the next, but ensure you take good energy food such as cereals, fruit, and biscuit bars.  Water is essential!  If it’s an option, and you are bringing alcohol, ensure you comply with the appropriate containers.  As a general rule glass is always a no. 

If you are allowed, take a Camping Stove.  Toast tastes better at a festival than anywhere else in the world.

What's been your experience at festivals?  Tell us what you like to bring..