Beat the Christmas rush with our rundown of visitor essentials.

From comfy airbeds to pack-away tables, we have thought of everything to make sure your Christmas is stress free and full of wonderful memories.


Cool Boxes

Our cool boxes are designed with premium insulation technology which keeps the contents cold on ice for days. They are ideal over the Christmas period to keep drinks cool and refreshing.

In addition, robost lids are very strong and the hinged lid with deep beverage holders provide insulation for drinks. A majority of our coolers include recessed wheels for easy transportation. It is rustproof and has a leak-resistant channel drain with no-tilt draining for easy cleaning. 

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Aerobed Mattresses

AeroBeds® are self-inflating luxury airbeds which use the latest comfort enhancing technology to guarantee a great night’s sleep. They are perfect for outdoors trips, open air use and visitor sleepovers.

The beauty of the AeroBed® is convenience. In today's reality where we are constantly shy of time and space, the AeroBed® can give comfort rapidly to yourself as well as other people.

AeroBed®  have invested years culminating the airbed innovation to bring you beddings that are amazingly comfortable.

The AeroBed® is made with heavy duty PVC and every bedding has been tried in advance to guarantee the most elevated quality.

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Foldaway Tables

Our foldaway tables are practical, easy to assemble and it is ideal to use over Christmas to store food and presents. Most of our tables are made from strong steel and aluminium which can be folded into half for flat and compact storage. 

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