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Camping Staycation For Kids

Camping Staycation For Kids

Now more than ever, it’s important to keep kids entertained and stimulated with fun and educational activities. The world might be taking tentative steps out of a pandemic but it won’t stop kids getting bored at home. Parents need a break too. 

Families are looking for great escape ideas. A camping staycation is a great way to relax, get away from being stuck at home and explore the great outdoors while having loads of fun and making memories too. 

So how do you keep the children entertained on a camping staycation and what to do on a staycation? Camping doesn’t have to be lots of monotonous walking through horizontal rainstorms and waking up in a damp sleeping bag after an uncomfortable night's sleep. There are loads of fun things to do and can make for an exciting adventure.

In this blog, we’ll suggest some exciting camping activities and ideas for a staycation. At Outdoor Camping Direct, we’ll also recommend some of our amazing camping equipment on offer to make the trip a memorable one.

Staycation camping activities

Worried about the kids getting bored while camping? Or that they’d rather sleep in the car then enjoy the adventure of sleeping in a tent? There are loads of fun things for them to do. Cooking s’mores is great and all but will only get you so far in the entertainment department. Not to mention the kids won’t be going to sleep anytime soon afterwards.

For little ones, set them the task of collecting firewood and kindling. This is an easy but important task. It keeps them occupied and makes them feel like they’re helping and being productive, keeping everyone happy.

Inevitably, you will do some walking. After all, it’s good physical exercise and it’s great to explore. If you’re worried the kids might be bored, ask them to draw a map or a certain part of the walk to challenge them on how much they remember.

Think about keeping the kids entertained for a few hours as you cook or need to sort out the tents. Try making a treasure hunt for them. Older kids can have more specific objects like a certain type of leaf or flower and a penny. 

For little ones and toddlers, print a list of different coloured shapes and get them to match up the shapes to the ones on the list. Staycations don’t have to be dull or uninteresting for kids of all ages!

If you end up stuck sheltering because of the wind and rain, don’t panic. There are still things to do on a staycation. Make sure you have a box or bucket of things to do on a rainy day. Puzzles, colouring books and nature books are all great ways to keep children interested and educated. With a nature book, the kids will love trying to find different plants, animals and bugs. 

Staycation Camping Equipment

When in doubt about what to bring on a staycation camping trip and not sure how to plan a staycation experience that won’t have the kids complaining of boredom, come to Outdoor Camping Direct for some fun and cute tents, sleeping bags, torches and more!

You don’t want them to wake up grouchy so make sure they get the best night's sleep possible. The Vango Atlas Junior 2 Season Sleeping Bag is perfect for juniors and their first foray into camping. The exceptional fibre fill makes it lightweight, durable and comfortable while the shape is designed to provide extra space for greater freedom of movement during the night.

There’s nothing quite like a night sky when in the great outdoors. You can almost see the dome of the earth stretch out in front of you. Bring that night sky a little closer with the Celestron Telescope Travel Scope. It even comes with it’s own backpack for quick and simple assembly. This travel telescope also features an adjustable tripod, two different size eyepieces and a smartphone adapter so you can snap amazing celestial photos through the eyepiece.

We understand that sometimes the outdoors can be spooky for young children. The wind rustling through the trees, the complete lack of lights at night and animal noises can be unsettling. Put their fears to rest with some comforting light from our range of torches. We have Yellowstone 9 LED Ultra Bright Glow In The Dark Torch in different fun colours. These come with powerful LED beams, a knurled barrel for extra grip and will survive being dropped. Not to worry if you or the kids drop it in the dark, the outer casing glows in the dark so you can quickly recover it.

What To Do Next?

A camping staycation for kids won’t be boring with our entertaining and fun activities. Kids will feel safe and secure with our selection of fantastic sleeping and camping equipment. There’s no need to worry about boredom when you can look at the night sky and take amazing pictures or try and spot some animals in the wild. 

Make sure to check out Outdoor Camping Direct now for more great camping ideas and hassle-free equipment.

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