Which Wellies Do I Wear to a Music Festival?

Well it depends.  Are you in the band?  Because that’s about the only reason to sport luxury footwear.  So let’s assume you’re one of tens of thousands of audience members camping out at the show this summer.  This requires a different type of kit. 

Like us, you may find that music festivals are outrageously liberating and occasionally soul soothing.  They add rustic excitement to your week in a way that dinner parties can’t always compete with.  But let’s be clear about festival wellies; you want renegade, not runway. 

Bestival 2014, for example, promises to fill quaint patches of wilderness with mobs of directionless youth, splashing through the rain in varying degrees of chaos and inebriation.   This won’t be the time for high street footwear.  When the sky opens up and you’re jumping amongst low light and loud percussion, you’ll want waterproof wellies.  You’ll want comfortable wellies.  You will neither want nor need a pair of £300.00 Le Chameau.  At the very least because layers of caked mud will prevent anyone from noticing the difference. 

Wellies offer protection from the muddy pits and grassy knolls that you’ll climb through.  You want the comfort of knowing that at least part of you is dry and mud free. It’s easy to slip them on, simple to rinse them off, and keeps your trainers from taking an early retirement. 

Other reasons we love wellies at a festival?

  1. They’re inadvertently stylish.
  2. They’re relentlessly waterproof.
  3. You can insulate them with liners or heavy socks in winter, or fold them down in the summer.
  4. They won’t break the bank.
  5. They protect your other footwear from getting damaged in the pits.

Truth: You aren’t even guaranteed that you’ll return home with both boots, or won’t end up wearing someone else’s.  So give yourself one less concern.  Represent with a quality pair that are reasonably priced.  We happen to have amazing wellies here that are guaranteed to be rugged and comfy.  Women’s Wellies / Men’s Wellies . There are polka dots, funky stripes, cow prints, and basic black, to just name a few.  There is even a wedding collection, for a subtle nod at romance while stomping.  You can wear them over leggings or tuck your legwear into them.  You can pair them with shorts, dresses or a range of warm weather options.

Luxury designer footwear has its place in 2014.  It’s just not Reading, Download, or Glastonbury.

So this week’s festival gear tip?  Grab some stylish, (yet cleverly priced) wellies, and keep it moving down the packing list.