There’s now less than six months until the start of the music festival season. And, If the current climate is anything to go by, expect this year’s weather to be even more unpredictable. From Glastonbury to Gravesend Bluesfest, there is something for everyone on the music scene this summer! You'll need to be prepared, and luckily, we can help. This tried-and-tested list of packing requirements will get you to the finish line warm, dry and only slightly hungover.

Must-have needn't mean expensive. We know your budget is already strained by inflated ticket prices and over-priced T-shirts. That’s why we took great pains to field test everything for you. Among the all-night thumping baselines and incessant bonding with your fellow comrades, you could use equipment that’s reliable, consistent and innovative.

Here's our definitive, must-have, essential music festival gear checklist:

1. Containment - Soggy plasters will not save you and your mobile phone isn't waterproof.

(Place the following in resealable waterproof pouches)

  1. Tickets (To get in.)
  2. Money (To avoid cashpoint queues.)
  3. Money Holder (Keep cash on you.)
  4. Debit Card (If you run out of money.)
  5. Mobile Phone (For communication.)
  6. Extra Phone battery (If you run out of battery.)
  7. Toilet Roll (You’ll want your own.)
  8. Plasters (In case of injury.)
  9. Bandage (In case of further injury.)
  10. Sunblock (It could happen.)
  11. Insect Repellant (To avoid company.)
  12. Contraception (In case of company.)
  13. Hay Fever and Headache Pills (To see you from one show to the next.)
  14. Mouthwash (For the illusion of cleanliness.)
  15. Eye Drops (For the illusion of sobriety.)
  16. Anti-bacterial Handwash (To stay fit.)
  17. Wet Wipes (You can never have enough.)
  18. Camera (Cheap, disposable and for bonus footage, waterproof.)
  19. Camera Batteries (For the extra shots.)
  20. MP3 Player and Earphones (For your own music.)
  21. Ear Plugs (For essential sleep.)
  22. Tea Bags and instant coffee (To get moving.)
  23. Duct Tape (To keep things from moving.)
  24. Bin Liners (For rubbish, among other things.)
  25. Super Glue (For hardcore campers who prefer it to plasters.)
  26. Food (For energy.)
  27. Binoculars (For curiosity.)

(To contain bigger stuff- Your jumpers, blankets and general sanity. Place the following larger gear in dry sacks)

  1. Tent (Various sizes and quick pitch.)
  2. Sleeping Bag (Warm and waterproof.)
  3. Sleeping Mat (The ground is cold.)
  4. Waterproof Jacket (To stay dry.)
  5. Your Warmest Most Ridiculous Jumper (Fact: The uglier the better.)
  6. Book (Paperbacks are lighter)
  7. Penknife (For virtually anything.)
  8. Portable Speakers (For you and your friends.)
  9. Thick Socks (Warm feet.)
  10. Thick Hoodie (Warm head.)
  11. Long Sleeve Shirts and Jumpers (For extra comfort.)
  12. Waterproof Trousers (Keep your legs dry.)
  13. Waterproof Trouser Covers (Extra leg protection.)
  14. Thermal Underwear (For cold nights.)
  15. Towel (Travel towels are lighter, cheaper and dry faster.)
  16. Wellies (Your best and sturdiest.)
  17. Trainers (A cheap comfortable pair.)
  18. Sandals or Flip Flops (For quick throw-on footwear.)
  19. Sunhat (If you don’t bring one, it will be sunny.)
  20. Cheap sunglasses (You will definitely lose them.)

2. Don’t forget the miscellaneous, important and thankfully waterproof music festival gear.

  1. Folding BBQ (You need to eat.)
  2. Camping Chair (Why eat standing up?)
  3. Utensils (Don’t eat with your hands.)
  4. Mess Tins (Standard and reusable.)
  5. LED Tent Pegs (Find your tent in the dark while inebriated.)
  6. Bottle Opener (Open a bottle easily.)
  7. Solar Shower (Take a warm shower.)
  8. Water (Always bring your own.)
  9. Water Bottle (Keep it in this.)
  10. Whistle (For when your voice goes.)
  11. Weatherproof Lighter (For the constant climate change.)
  12. Glow Sticks (Just because.)

3. Relax and enjoy the show. 

All our products are available . We’ll help pack you up and secure you a low-cost, comfortable, camping experience. The rest is up to you.