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5 Camper Van Life Hacks

5 Camper Van Life Hacks

Living in your van during a camping trip can be an amazing experience — but only if you put the time and effort into making your van a comfortable home on wheels.

Otherwise, you could struggle with the lack of luxuries and even basic amenities van life offers. Especially if you’re planning a long camping holiday.

But don’t worry: these five van life hacks can make a huge difference …

Install hooks to keep cups, tools, and pans organised

One of the simplest DIY conversions you can make in your van? Hammering a few hooks here and there for easy storage of cups, pans, or tools!

This is ideal if your van is too small to fit much cookware and mugs into the kitchen area. After all, you need to prioritise sleeping bags, pillows, body wash, and all the other must-haves.

Hang your pans, cups, and tools from hooks high in your van to keep them out of the way.

Transform fabric shoe pouches into DIY drawers

Fabric shoe pouches make fantastic travel drawers for anything small enough to fit into them: toothbrushes, deodorants, dog toys, water bottles, coffee jars, and almost every other little necessity.

Just mount these pouches on the back of the driver and passenger seats (or wherever room allows) to avoid clutter. You’ll also save room in your rucksacks and suitcases for more clothes, emergency supplies, food, etc.

Stay connected with Wi-Fi

Even if you’re looking to get away from it all for a while, you might still want to check emails, watch cat videos on YouTube, or check restaurant reviews.

If Wi-Fi is unavailable at your campsite, good connections are few and far between elsewhere. And you might not fancy popping into the same local cafe each day to use theirs.

So, why not try a 4G router instead?

These are designed to create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot when you slip a 4G data SIM card inside. This can be helpful in saving money, as you won’t need to keep buying expensive coffees in cafes or pay for campsites’ Wi-Fi.

Use semi-transparent storage boxes to save time

Zip-up storage boxes are perfect for camping trips in your van. You can store spare bedding, board games, toys, pet beds, and more securely.

But semi-transparent storage boxes can help you save time you might otherwise waste rooting in the wrong box, though: you’ll be able to see exactly what each box contains through the top or sides. Make sure you choose storage boxes with carry handles for easy, safe lifting.

Sleep comfortably with cooling pads

If you’re sleeping in your van over summer, you may feel too warm to rest comfortably. That’s why pillows with cooling pads are so good!

The Active Living Gel Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Pad, for example, draws heat away from your head and helps you stay cool.

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