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5 summer camping hacks

5 summer camping hacks

Planning a staycation this summer?

You’re not alone! Research reveals almost 85% of Brits will take their holidays right here in the UK.

Fortunately, our green and pleasant land is home to countless campsites set in idyllic spots, so there’s plenty of space for us all. But what if this is your first camping holiday and you have no idea what to pack?

These simple summer camping hacks will get you started …

Essential summer camping hacks for your staycation

Plan to stay more hydrated than you may need to

You might not want to hike with several water bottles crammed into your backpack, but just one 500ml bottle won’t last you all day if you’re in direct sunlight for hours at a time.

That’s why it’s best to pack more water than you expect to need, just so dehydration doesn’t bring your day to a premature end.

And invest in water purification tablets if you want to lighten your load. These make it safe to drink from a stream, so you can top up your bottles without stopping at a public bathroom or water fountain.

Take bags to keep the countryside tidy

A small but crucial tip: put your rubbish in plastic bags to keep campsites and open spaces clean. Nobody wants to find litter strewn across beautiful fields and quaint country lanes. Tidy up after yourself and dispose of any waste in a bin later.

Pack the essentials for camping emergencies

Here are two things you absolutely must pack: a first aid kit and repair/duct tape. Sadly, they’re both easy to overlook.

You’re not planning to take part in any extreme activities on your relaxing camping trip, so a first aid kit might seem unnecessary, right? Hopefully, you won’t need one.

But keep a first aid kit in your backpack just in case of cuts or even burns from cooking.

What about the repair/duct tape? That’s a simple way to patch up tears in your tent to keep rainwater and bugs outside!

Treat yourself to home comforts (even when you’re miles from home)

With just a few bits and pieces, you can whip up those treats you love so much even in the middle of nowhere.

For example, a few coffee grounds and a coffee filter can get your mornings off to a great start, and they’re easy to find.

And don’t assume you need to live on supermarket sandwiches for your trip. Pack pancake mix, sausages, even pizza — you can prepare almost any foods with the right cooking gear.

Invest in a quality sleeping bag

Planning to take that sleeping bag you bought twenty years ago? Even though it’s ripped and makes you feel like you’re lying in an oven?

Treat yourself to a quality sleeping bag designed to keep you cool on warm summer nights. You’ll sleep better and be better prepared for the next day.

Why not throw in an air bed for added luxury?

We hope these five summer camping hacks help you enjoy an unforgettable holiday here in the UK!

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