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Walking is an art within itself.

Some do it with careful orienteering, some like to wander less precisely. However you walk, we want to make sure you have everything you need.

Our walking line is chosen and field tested by trekkers who understand quality. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Here is our list of expedition walking essentials to make the shopping for your adventure a lot easier!

Hiking boots

It’s the most important buy on the list. Feet can in different shapes and sizes and it’s essential to find the ones that best fit you. If have a higher budget to spend, bear in mind that the most expensive models use Gore-Tex and leather, so your feet will have plenty of air to breathe, will not get wet and be covered in soft fabric. As a useful tip, make sure to wear your boots around before actually going on the walking expedition to break them in to your feet.

Expedition socks

If boots are number one on our list, then socks definitely come second. These are specially designed to protect your feet during your entire expedition and modern ones are a mix of wool and technical fibers. Have in mind there are three types of socks: midweight, a long-term choice that comes with underfoot cushioning, lightweight, for the warmer seasons, like spring or summer and liner sock, that is designed to be worn under the expedition sock, to prevent rubbing.

Staying dry

Waterproof clothes are a must! Not only it protects you from rain, but it also keeps you out of the wind and cold. So jackets, trousers and gaiters should definitely be on your shopping list.


They come is all different shapes and sizes, with extra features and new built-in technologies. So it’s a matter of need and taste as to commit to the one that is best to your liking.

Sleeping bags

Just like trends, the sleeping bags come in ‘seasons’. So it’s 1 or 2 for summer, 3 for spring or autumn and 4 for winter. To protect you regardless of the time and temperature, you might want to go for one that will provide comfort at the lowest likely night time temperature on the site you are planning on going. So a little research on the camp site will work wonders!

To go with sleeping bags, of course you will be needing a sleeping mat and a tent, both which you will know better what to decide as they need to be strongly related to the duration and level of difficulty of your  walking expedition.

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