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Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

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Outdoor Table Tennis Tables 


Who will use the table?

Beginners and players for recreation - if the ping-pong table is for a beginner or if you choose to use the table to have fun in the garage or basement, you do not need a professional table built for tournaments. It would be enough, then, to buy an average table or a basic table. If space is limited and the table is only needed for recreational reasons, you might also want to take a look at smaller non-standard tables.

Tournament players and table tennis clubs

If you intend to use the table for competitions or for professional training matches, look for a contest table or a renovated contest table. The competition tables offer a thick surface (greater than 2 cm) to allow a very consistent bouncing of the ball across the surface. If you intend to organize competitions, make sure the table matches the guidelines approved by the national / international table tennis organizations.

Leaflets or fixed? 

Fixed meals are generally more stable than those on wheels. But if you are not in the position to buy a table for a contest or to be used in a large space, in order to have a permanent stationary mass, it is advisable to go on a flyer table. Of course, the bigger the wheels, the easier it will be to move the table around where it will be used.

Will you use the table also in the open air?

If you want to have table tennis outdoors, look for a special table built for outdoor use. Outdoor play tables normally have top, bottom and side parts encapsulated in aluminum to be more resistant to moisture and deformation. Such meals should also be provided with wheels, so you can always cut the table in two halves to move it easily for storage.

Characteristics to be considered

Solitary mode - Ping-pong tables with this feature allow you to raise a portion of the table vertically to practice this game alone. While this feature is popular among beginners and children, other players will realize that practicing this kind of game is not very effective because the ball will not follow the natural trace known during a classic table tennis match, especially when when it is applied to the bile and some effect. Players who want to improve their own skills would normally buy a table tennis robot.

The thickness of the interior table surface is normally between 1.5 and 2.5 cm. Most of the competition tables are 2.5 cm thick, or less, but if you do not play in tournaments, you will hardly notice the difference. A 2 cm thick ping-pong table will provide a consistent jump of the ball and is recommended for the loud players. Outdoor meals are normally thinner and are made of aluminum or resin. This leads to a rigid bounce, but the material helps durability in free-air and weather conditions.

Chassis frame and legs. These features determine the table's stability. Consider table table thickness, ping-ping table table, and the number of chassis connection points in the table to determine its stability and strength. 

Having these tips now you can head to the perfect table tennis you want