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Cycling Guide

Riding bicycles off-road can be an engaging and rewarding experience. Not to mention healthy! Of course, your two-wheel adventure can translate into multiple activities, like: road cycling, tour cycling, national cycle routes or mountain biking. Before going on such a trip, you need to make sure you are all prepared both mentally and psychically, of course.

Accessories can make the world of a difference so ‘just you and your bike’ would not a wise choice in such conditions.  Here is our list of suggestions for your basic cycling gear checklist:

The two essentials: bike and helmet

The core gear should include: water as to always be hydrated, snacks and energy food, sunscreen and very important to have a first-aid kit, in case of emergency.

You always want to be better safe than sorry, so if case your bike breaks, you might want to have spare tube, pumps and tire levers with you.

Your level of comfort is also important. In order not to experience pain or injuries, padded shorts or tights can help very much on the long run, wicking jerseys or tops, gloves,  a saddle bag and a watch or cycling computer are some items you don’t want to miss, as part of your bike equipment.

Get some sports glasses, too. They will offer you protection from bugs, stones, sun or rain.

So basically you are all set and read to go. However, another thing on your list is your cycling pre-ride inspection. You will need to make sure all is in order, so here are the actions to take before taking off:

-          Tire pressure and condition

-          Brake check

-          Front / rear wheel quick release secured

-          Bolt tightness

-          Seat and handlebar height

-          Light check

-          Lubrication check

-          Reflectors in place

To save yourself from pain and frustration, there are also 3 common mistakes to avoid when going bicycle touring:

  1. Not using the right bicycle / equipment  

As mentioned earlier, it important that both the bike, as well as the gear that comes with it to fit your body and yourself perfectly. It’s all in the details so be careful and think things ahead.

  1. Carrying too much gear

We know that the instinct is try and cover as many things as possible, however getting too much items with you can be both unnecessary, as well as too heavy for you to carry. So better stick to the essentials!

  1. Planning to cycle too far each day

Yes, reaching your destination is important; buy trying to cover too much ground in one day may translate into tiredness and exhaustion too soon. In addition to this, you will not be able to enjoy the beautiful surrounding and outdoor setting that were on your list to begin with