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Bushcraft basically represent a popular term used for wilderness survival skills. It’s all about thriving in the natural environment and acquiring skills and knowledge to do so. Learning bushcraft skills may benefit you in many ways, like:

-          A new and increased adaptability to challenges

-          Self-sufficiency

-          Self-confidence

-          Survival skills

-          Better at facing unpredicted situations

The most fundamental skills are considered to be: food foraging, hunting, water purification, shelter and fire building. Each of them can be divided into further sets of skills to be acquired as follows:

Food foraging

Nature can be a great source of food and food ingredients. However, it’s very important what you pick and cook because some of them can be rather harmful. So part of this skill is to have knowledge as regards to the local plants and avoid toxic plants , camp cooking and how to efficiently harvest and grow some of your own

Trapping and hunting

For hunting, you do need to have knowledge as to how to track and stalk your pray, to read animal signs, build snares, use lures, how to hide your human scent, tie knots and of course, how to clean and cook what you hunted down

Water gathering and purification

Water is life so in order to survive in the wilderness; you will constantly need to be hydrated. There may not always be sources of water right in front of you, so you will need how to forage for water, make a water filter, how to purify water, build fire so to boil water and how to craft a container which you can then use for carrying the water

Shelter building

You probably have seen this in many movies, when people turn nature into their homes. You will need to be doing the same and every part of it can be used as shelter. So your skills need to cover felling trees, batoning branches, harvesting other materials, knot tying and making cordage

Fire building

Knowing how to build fire will come in handy in various situations. So until lighting up the fire, you will need to know how to collect wood, gather tinder, build a fire pit and have knowledge about the different types of fires and how to use them

All of the above can be a lot easier using bushcraft tools. Some of these include a fixed blade knife called a bushcraft knife, which is the most common tool, a tomahawk or a machete.

All of which will go into your bushcraft backpack, designed for tools and other bushcraft gear.  When picking out one make sure it’s fits your body type so it will be comfortable for you to carry.

As you may imagine, there is plenty to learn about bushcrafting so becoming an experienced bushcrafter may take even years. On the other side, they are many small skills which you can learn right from the start.