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Outdoor activities refer to recreational pursuits that often take place natural or semi-natural settings. These include, but not limited to: backpacking, camping, hiking, rock climbing or sports and there are many more that are similarly physically, mentally and emotionally engaging.

There are many unique health benefits to be gained from participating in outdoor pursuits. Beyond the physical gains, outdoor activities promote mental stimulation, emotional control, social skills and even spiritual enlightenment. Depending on what you hope to achieve, picking an activity to help you reach that goal is becoming easier by the day.

 What to wear for outdoor activities? When we are active, we expend energy and perspire, so we need a way to draw the moisture from our body. So, if going camping for example, make sure that part of your camping gear includes the below.

Modern outdoor clothing boosts technology that does this, allowing us to regulate our temperature more efficiently throughout the task.

Base layers are no different. They keep the body at optimum temperature avoiding overheating or coldness.

In colder climates, midlayers come in hand – particularly those that use wool and venting. Zip-neck fleeces give the wearer greater control over how much air enters and leaves. If it’s still too cold, wear an additional midlayer top and lightweight out layer that protects from inclement weather. This is typically a breathable waterproof coat capable of repelling wind and rain.

Warmer weather, on the other hand, means less clothing. If it’s hot, you can keep it to just a short-sleeved top or vest. This will keep you dry from sweat during the activity. Keep an ultra light, packable soft shell for any dip in the temperature.

Outdoor activities are easily accessible. You could just get up and go out cross country running or mountain biking. But doing this can be disorganized and unsafe. Instead, look into the range of companies offering outdoor pursuits with extras. Organizations such as Adventure Britain, Ultimate Activity Company and Black Mountain Activities offer unique outdoor experiences. Choose an adventure that provides expert instruction and assistance.

Before choosing activities, consider the requirements of the attendees. There’s no point booking water sports if members of your group are unable to swim. Also think about duration, location, the number of attendees and price. These factors will help you to narrow down the selection process to reach an ideal conclusion.

In addition to this, packing accordingly to your activities plans should be carefully done and if going on a longer trips, in case of hiking or rock climbing, your tent and sleeping bag should be picked out well enough to complete and enhance your experience.

Do you have any health and safety tips for outdoor activities?

Don’t overexert yourself

If you, or anyone in attendance, don’t lead a dynamic lifestyle, then any outdoor pursuits must be planned accordingly. Pick activities that suit those who’ve come along for the ride. Athletic groups or families may be more capable of coping with the physicality aspects for longer periods. Still, implement brief breaks throughout the day to allow for rest and nourishment. Overexertion can lead to injury, so avoid it as best as possible.

Hydrate often

Top up the fluids in your body during your outdoor activities. In hotter weather, do so more often. But even in milder temperatures, you will still be perspiring. Furthermore, you’ll need to take more onboard if you’re doing a high level of activity. Bring plenty of water, and energy supplements if you feel it’s necessary.

Bring first aid

Whenever you’re doing outdoor activities, first aid is a necessary piece of equipment. Bringing a kit alone is valuable, but it also helps to know how to administer first aid too. Make sure that the kit is stocked and includes any medical provisions.

Maintain your equipment

Before going on your excursion, check that all your equipment is in working condition – even newly-bought products. If some equipment is damaged, repair the damage or replace the item. Make this a habit as damaged gear becomes ineffective and could let you down at an inopportune time.

Outdoor Camping Direct can be your source for great outdoor gear, accessories, as well as, all you need to know info, articles and valuable guides.