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We understand the importance of sleep

Whether you’re searching for inexpensive sleeping bags for kids that will keep your little ones comfortable and protected, or racking your brains trawling the camping equipment outlets for a camping bed capable of supporting your height and weight, it’s vital that you enjoy quality sleep throughout your camping and outdoors activity.

The sleeping equipment you purchase can have a distinct impact on how well, or otherwise, you sleep. Perhaps you require a single inflatable air bed because you suffer with physical discomfort, or a well-insulate king size sleeping bag that fits you and a partner snugly, finding that perfect night’s rest in your home away from home has never been more achievable.

Brands such as Summit, Coleman, Vango and Regatta offer extensive ranges that employ the latest technology and materials – from air beds with soft flocked bed surfaces and portable bunk beds for the youngest campers, to soft fibre pillows and washable eye masks – for any preference.


There are so many camping sleeping options available nowadays that make sleeping al fresco feel as if you’ve note even left the house. Depending on the needs of each particular camper, an effective sleeping solution is something that is completely reachable.


A snug, secure sleep is just a zip lock away with a durable sleeping bag that can withstand the rigours of camping outdoors. Here, you can find adult sleeping bags to suit every need – including those of you who are on the lookout for an inexpensive down sleeping bag, a hospitable double sleeping bag or a body-warming mummy sleeping bag.

When choosing the best sleeping bag for whatever fun you’ve got planned – whether it’s a lengthy expedition in tough climes, or just a short weekend sleepover for your children and their friends – be sure to consider the difference-making features like size, weight, shape, material, as well as the hallmarks of your chosen compact sleeping bag.


Airbeds offer a whole different level of comfort, and make an amazing companion on more casual camping adventures. The additional cushioning, along with the packability of a deflated inflatable air bed provide the closest thing to the kind of bed you use in your bedroom at home.

A single air bed, in particular, marries tough PVC with a flock finish for a soft-on-skin feel without occupying the majority of the room within the tent. But a great double air mattress, shared with your nearest and dearest, can take your camping experience from grind to glam at very affordable prices.


The foldable, highly-portable camp bed offer a more rigid structure and have been around for decades as a reliable sleeping and lounging apparatus. Believe it or not, the folding camp bed remains a popular choice for both novice and professional camping enthusiasts. Quick to erect into shape, offering relief from the cold, uneven ground underneath and especially relaxing when coupled with a sleeping mat on top, camping beds are great space-savers for those explorers who’ll be on the move more often than they will be camping out.


Also known as the sleeping pad, the camping sleeping mat works well as both a standalone self-inflating sleeping mat and a makeshift mattress that adds cushioning to the folding camp bed. Sleeping mats insulate in the coldest of weather by retaining heat during compression. In many ways they are a lot like the waterproof sleeping bag and can come with lightweight foam inside that deliver different levels of firmness, or the self-inflating mats that are light, compressible and still boast effective insulation.


When weighing up suitable sleeping options - no matter the option you go for in the end – there are some important factors to consider. These factors make up the fundamentals of how your sleeping apparatus will perform specifically for its main user.


Are you quite tall or large? Do you tend to toss and turn and contort into awkward positions? Then you’ll need a camping mattress or any other bedding that will be suitable to cover the length of your body, and support your weight.

Most manufacturers make camping sleeping equipment in various sizes to accommodate the majority of body shapes. Coverings such as large sleeping bags, or the king size airbed are making awkward sleeping positions a thing of the past. Finding yourself trapped in like a sardine in a tin can, or limbs akimbo on a 20” sleeping pad, is never conducive with deep, reinvigorating rest.


There’s no point taking camping equipment that you can’t carry. During your camping excursion, the likelihood is that you’ll be spending a lot of your time on your feet, so your portable bed must feel like a valuable asset without becoming a bothersome inclusion.

Sleeping apparatus such as sleeping bags, sleeping mats and camp beds are constructed with portability in mind. They are able to fold, condense and even dismantle into manageable pieces of equipment that can be carried easily within your camping backpack. Moreover, brands continue to devise new methods of providing lightweight, compactible camping sleeping options that don’t trade off on performance quality.


There’s nothing more uncomfortable than getting chills when sleeping out in the great outdoors. Bedding that stores the warmth your body emits well whilst using it, and also repels the coldness of the environment it inhabits can prove the difference between a fantastic journey and a harsh struggle of an expedition.

Obviously a sleeping bag, with its cocoon-like construction will offer superior insulation than a double camping bed, for example. But a greater level of warmth can be achieved with the use of a quilt.


Support is one of the most important factors when looking for sleeping equipment to last your latest camping trip and, potentially, beyond. Remember that your portable bed isn’t your lush divan or futon that you have back at home, but that doesn’t mean you have to endure a poor, aching quality of sleep.

Most camping bedding affords support, even for campers with physical ailments. From firm cushioning that combines foam and air in an inflatable sleeping mat, to the more supple aero bed, feeling like your entire body is adequately supported can aid sleep by preventing the irritation of body discomfort.


Sometimes, a camping sleeping mat or a king size sleeping bag just doesn’t offer enough home comforts alone. The bits of kit that embellish, improve and maintain your sleeping solutions are as necessary as the solutions themselves.


Though not uncommon, a camping pillow is still a bit of a luxury item on the average camping trip. Most are small pillows that are inflatable allowing them to be easily deflated and packed away after use.


Much like camping pillows, sleeping liners or sleeping bag liners are an item that are not necessary for most trips but are still very useful. Think of them as an extra layer of protection against cold and unsanitary conditions whilst you’re wrapped up in your sleeping bag.


Camping equipment damages. When they become damaged, they become compromised – whether it’s a tear in your sleeping bag material letting in prickly air, or a hole in your air bed preventing inflation. A simple repair kit goes a long way to keeping your sleeping equipment as functional as possible.