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If you enjoy spending a lot of time in the great outdoors – whether it’s going on the odd hike or cycle trail, or a solo trip across continents with a backpack as a companion – you’ll know how vital outdoor clothing can be to the success of your activity.


Whether it’s camping clothes or hiking clothes, the things you choose to wear can have a big impact. Outdoor clothing for activities where you will be exposed to everchanging conditions make them more important than everyday attire you’re wearing right now. But why is it important to, say, purchase a long waterproof coat or a fleece top?


Outdoor excursions will mean spending a lot of time in climates that are very unpredictable. The last thing you want to do is endanger yourself by travelling, and arriving, unprepared for what can sometimes prove to be an ordeal. With caprices in weather a distinct possibility, coupled with the physiological impact outdoor activities have on our bodies, utilising the range of outdoor gear designed to make these elements more manageable is paramount.


Comfort is closely linked to safety. The more comfortable we feel in our camping clothes during our adventure, the more active we will be. But this doesn’t just mean keeping warm, cool, or even dry in the rain – it’s also about finding outdoor clothing that isn’t irritable to the skin or restrictive by being over or undersized.


Everything that is worn has to be tailored to produce the best possible outcomes for the wearer – whether in terms of safety or comfort. For example, a bitterly cold climate will require layers – a base layer, a mid layer and an outer layer in the form of outdoor coats – but layers of outdoor wear can also cause the wearer to perspire and overheat, which can be equally as detrimental to health during the trip. Or a good pair of hiking shoes must utilise waterproof membranes and fit snuggly without suffocating your feet.

So, modern camping clothes have invented materials and other technologies that are adept at not only preventing exposure to the harshness of external influences, but also allowing us to regulate our bodily reactions interiorly also. To achieve this, the best outdoor wear will possess:

  • Breathability

  • Resistance

  • Ventilation

  • Practical design

These attributes are shared within garments that form the clothing layers of the layer system. 


Essentially, the layer system is an effective yet simple three-layer outdoor clothing structure that enables a wearer to control how comfortable they feel during their activity. We use a similar hierarchy everyday – underwear, then tops and trousers, then accessories. This system for camping clothes is the same thing, only it’s conscious of the layers that are most functional during a pursuit that takes place outdoors. If you’ve ever seen a climber or a hiker clad in a thick cocoon of clothing, it’s likely that they are employing the layer system.

With the layers on, outdoor wear becomes an insulator trapping the warmth. Simply removing a layer of outdoor gear can lower the temperature should the need arise. Nowadays, however, each layer is tailored for all eventualities, so, in many instances, you can stay warm with all the layers of your outdoor gear on, for example, and also vent to prevent overheating or skin irritation.

The system is broken down into three parts: the base layer, the mid layer and outer layer, or as it’s sometimes known, the shell.


Worn closest to the skin. This thin, fitted layer of outdoor clothing introduces warmth whilst wicking moisture and sweat. The base layer is constructed from material that draws moisture away from your body, as well as breaking down bad smells created during perspiration and condensation.


As you can probably guess from the name, this is the outdoor clothing layer that forms the middle of the three-layer structure. If you’ve ever worn a fleece jumper or a shell jacket, you’ve owned a mid layer clothing item. Mid layers add further insulating and wicking properties, and they provide sufficient protection in milder weather without the need of an extra outer layer.


The third camping clothes layer on top of all of the others. Appropriately named the shell, the outer layer encompasses the outdoor clothing products that best protect against coldness and rain. As well as being resilient, this layer is lightweight, breathable and easily portable should you feel it unnecessary to wear at any time.


Using the knowledge that you've gathered to this point about outdoor clothing, you can set about finding the specific items of outdoor gear that will provide you with all the layers of protection and comfort. Shop with us and rest assured that you'll have every conceivable consideration covered.


Our range of base layer outdoor gear incorporate breathable and washable materials that effectively wick moisture away from the body whilst maintaining a comfortable layer of warmth.


They fit well, they feel amazing and they look just as good too. You can’t go on an outdoor excursion without a reliable set of trousers in your outdoor clothing armoury; trousers that offer protection to you and your belongings. Check out our range of mens outdoor trousers, womens outdoor trousers and kids outdoor trousers today.


Fleece is one of the top choices in high performance insulation because it's warm yet breathable, layers well, and goes the distance in versatility. Fleece is highly washable, dries quickly, and is ready for action all over again. We stock the best fleeces and hoodies from the best brands, for men, women and children.


Whether you call it a gilet or a bodywarmer, this item of hiking clothes is popular right now. It's functional and adaptable, working well with (but not limited to) fitted shirts, soft flannels and v-neck sweaters. We have insulated, pocketed, soft-shell, fleece, wind and/or waterproof versions that will keep husband, wife and kids fashionably comfortable and looking fit for seasons to come.


We have what you need in jackets and softshells. We're talking about serious anti-pill symmetry, water and windproof designs, pockets where you actually need pockets, and varying degrees of breathability. We choose technologically advanced materials like Thermo-Guard insulation, Isotex-coated taslan, and warm touch scrim lining to give you maximum protection and guaranteed comfort. Whether you’re shopping for man, woman, or child, get the best picks, all for less than our competitors.



Trust us, you’ll be sorry about 15 minutes into your journey if you’re wearing ill-fitting hiking clothes. Make sure to check the sizes of the items before you make any kind of purchase. With outdoor clothing that you will be wearing for difficult physical activities, allow an inch of additional room to avoid blisters and sores. If you don’t already know your physical statistics, such as your leg length, waist width and chest width, get a measurement taken - especially if you plan on shopping for outdoor clothes online. Stores – even online ones – provide information and size charts to help once you have this information to hand.


Many outdoor clothing items that you can buy can be worn and returned for a better fit if it doesn’t feel quite right. Try the garments on and test them out, but be careful not to damage them whilst you do. Bend and flex in them; walk about in them; and see how your body feels in your new outdoor gear because the last thing you want to do is find out that your camping clothes are ineffective when you need them most during the excursion.


If you’re going camping in Britain for a weekend in the heat of the summer, thermal camping clothes are more than likely going to be unnecessary. But you may want womens outdoor jackets that have many pockets to store tools and belongings in whilst you’re away from camp. It’s prudent to first know what you need the article of outdoor clothing for before buying, just so you’re being efficient and buying outdoor wear that’s suitable for your specific needs.